FAC419-Napoleon Wilson, Gaia, John Adams, Misom

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Also featuring Napoleon Wilson, Gaia, Wantruth4now, Notsofreemason, Deletethelite

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2 thoughts on “FAC419-Napoleon Wilson, Gaia, John Adams, Misom

  1. khammad


    Your still over modulating with your microphone after months of audio recording. Add that to your low baritone voice and slurred accent and it’s really hard for my old ears to understand your words. Makes many audios very hard to understand. Also you are most often the loudest one in the audio.

    Please please please fix your several audio issues so that these audio chats can withstand the test of time.

    Love ya,


  2. ab Post author

    @Napoleon (you need a login here) I like your enthusiasm but your passion cuts off other chatters at an annoying rate. Calm down, let others speak. You have unlimited time to talk. Remain calm and slow down.

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