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I think this video is recent. Not sure what’s more disturbing – watching Fox shake and roll or Jane Pauley’s facial expressions and annoying interviewing technique. Fox appears unshaven and disheveled.

Towards the end, Fox is among alleged Parkinson victims. As expected, he’s doing the most movement.

Like Stephen Hawking, Fox has outlasted most diagnosed patients.

Parkinson’s: Later Diagnosis, Earlier Death

I believe Fox is part of a Medical Celebrity Program, or MCP. This is a lifetime acting role to help fund 0;unknown” diseases or conditions.

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10 thoughts on “Michael J Fox update

  1. silverbeam

    It seems to me that he times his movements to the rhythm of his speech. If it was real parkinsons, wouldn’t it be more random? Also I just get the sense that he is acting, an intuition I suppose, maybe something subtle about his body language giving it away on a deeper level, I don’t know, I just think he’s faking.

  2. ricky

    I haven’t given much thought as to what could be gained by M.J. Fox as a spokes-model for Parkinsons disease, but could there be a more sympathetic figure to rally around? Ali isn’t around anymore, although he got punched in the head so many times, who knows what he had. The physical presence Fox displayed was convincing although his superior thought process and articulate sentence structures seemed too mismatched with his physical presentation.

  3. gaia

    In the end he is an actor.

    But his movements look very real.

    The interview has very short cuts, just some seconds to have him in view, but the movements themselves don’t look unnatural.

    And what purpose is there? To push “Parkinson’s”? Really? Anyone who knows (grand)parents who suffered from it, knows it’s a real disease.

    I don’t discard the possibility he’s faking it, but from what I see here it doesn’t look like it.

    1. ab Post author

      I thought he was overacting compared to the other patients in the video. Please note that you are looking at one of the world’s best. I suggest you dig deeper into this one. I have posted many entries on this case.

      1. gaia

        Never heard of him, but now checking him out. They look alike and appeared both on the Spin City show.

        But Michael J. Fox is much shorter, like 4 inches. And 8 years older.

        No match.

  4. ricky

    I agree Ab, I only watched a few minutes before it looked like he was acting. He appears to be forcing his very concise articulate thoughts into an unnatural delivery.

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