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I had to dig to find this story – upon being notified that a former co-worker was killed in a crash last night. Those that reported the crash to me couldn’t find any media on the story.

My information differs from this report, saying he crashed into another car and then was hit by a big truck and sandwiched to death.

I’ve noted this story because it shows how real stories are reported with little or no detail, if at all. I’d be surprised if there was any follow up to the story.

If I had to guess what happened, I’d say there was a flash freeze in the area that turned the road into a skating rink. Knowing what I know about our area’s drivers, most don’t bother to lower their speed.

Provincial police are investigating after a man died following a single-vehicle crash on the Burlington Skyway. The incident took place on Jan. 23 at 10:13 p.m. The man, 43, was found dead at the bottom of the Skyway, said OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt. Foul play isn’t suspected.

Source: Man Dies in Burlington Skyway Crash | Halton |

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4 thoughts on “Real story alert

  1. gaia

    My condolences to you Ab.

    Two of my friends died in a car crash in Germany. It was reported only in a minor local newspaper, that’s how we found out (via Facebook). No big media event, nothing. The thing is; their baby daughter survived the crash, so immediately became an orphan. They were a great couple (Dutch-German) and losing them (the last time we met we talked about media fakery) was a big shock to me and my wife.

    All the best with the loss of your colleague.

    1. ab Post author

      Appreciate it. One thing is for sure: driving, especially in changeable weather, is probably one of the most dangerous activities most do. Being careless (texting, drinking) makes it even more so.

  2. ricky

    Sorry to hear about your’ former co-worker. The lack of clear “official” info is the big “tell” that the story is probably legit. A similar tragedy, although one that received a lot of media attention happened last week in my hometown on the OR coast. Some knucklehead walked down from street level to get a closer look at a blowhole that can shoot well over a hundred feet. This was the largest surf in at least eight years, needless to say he got swept out to sea with dozens of witnesses. The event was genuine, but the back-story had not been prepared, his identity and age still haven’t been nailed down publicly after a week. Quite unlike all the “villains” and “vicsims” known almost immediately in “staged” events.

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