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Update 1/24: Making a movie

More confusion/media misdirection stories.

Although strange things happening at the Sherman mansion are expected, this had people doing double takes.

As it has been for the past 40 days, a car on Wednesday was out front of the York Mills mansion of billionaire couple Honey and Barry Sherman, who were found dead inside Dec. 15. Two police forensic vans were also parked inside the yellow tape.

All seemed to be routine until something happened that caught people’s attention.

Up rolled a silver Ford Mustang with a driver that looked like Barry Sherman at the wheel.

The fundamentals of psyOps


Update 12/24 – priming us for not ever knowing – an endless .…

What happens if police never find out who is responsible for the deaths of Honey and Barry Sherman?

Update 12/23…

Notice how the above article does not quote even one actual official. These are all clues that we are witnessing a staged and manufactured hoax. Words are chosen carefully to avoid real legal complications.

  • a Toronto police source
  • former homicide detective
  • a detective

The bodies of billionaire Barry Sherman, 75, and Honey Sherman, 70, were found inside their home at 50 Old Colony Rd. on Dec. 15. Here’s what we know so far: — A Toronto police source told the Star it was the Shermans’ real estate agent, who had been helping sell the home recently listed for $6.9 million, who found the bodies, entering the home after being unable to make contact with the couple. — Hours after the bodies were discovered, a detective confirmed no suspect was being sought and police have not said otherwise in the days since. — A police source confirmed to the Star that an early working theory for investigators was that the deaths were a case of murder-suicide. Barely 24 hours after the Shermans’ bodies were found, their four children released a statement blasting that scenario as a “rumour,” something close friends of the Shermans have also said. — Two days after the bodies were found, the Toronto police homicide squad officially took over as lead investigator; however, neither death has been deemed a homicide. Police are still calling the deaths suspicious. — Toronto police says the cause of death for both Shermans had been “ligature neck compression.” The pathological term describes death from hanging or strangulation with a ligature — an object such as a belt or rope. — A police source told the Star that the couple was found together, by their indoor pool, hanging off a nearby structure in a semi-sitting position. — Former homicide cops told the Star that investigators will be exploring all possibilities in the deaths, including murder-suicide, double suicide or double homicide. — Still yet to come back are toxicology results, which may help provide new information, including whether any drugs had been ingested.

Update 12/21

All the top political actors were out in full force today. The family condemns the conspiracy theories propagated by, who else, the intelligence laced media. The usual smiles and jokes and lack of tears from the family.

This story is going from a whodunit to a media circus. Perhaps now is the time to look into media .

Late Monday, the funeral home Benjamin’s Park Memorial Chapel confirmed that a service was set for Thursday at 11 a.m. at the International Centre, a large convention centre near Pearson International Airport that can accommodate thousands. The chapel would provide no further details.…

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13 thoughts on “Sherman circus

  1. gaia

    And these ones!! 😀 😀…

    Edouard Stern

    (((Stern))), a banker and a member of a prominent French banking family, was murdered in March 2005 by his mistress during a bizarre sado-masochistic sex session in which she was trying to blackmail him. Stern, who was once ranked 38th in a list of France’s richest citizens, was found shot to death on the floor of his Geneva, Switzerland, apartment (right) wearing nothing but a flesh-colored latex body suit. Next to his body was a chair, wrapped with a rope.

    One of the richest men in France, Stern was also the son-in-law of Michel David-Weill, the billionaire former chairman of investment banking firm Lazard Freres. His mistress, Cecile Brossard, was convicted of murder in a Swiss court.

    Edmond J. Safra

    Safra was one of the 20th century’s most accomplished bankers, greatest philanthropists and one of the world’s wealthiest men. In December 1999, the Lebanese-born Safra, who was afflicted with Parkinson’s disease, died in his Monte Carlo, Monaco, home due to a fire set by his American nurse.

    In the trial that followed, it was revealed that the nurse, Ted (((Maher))), had set the blaze hoping to carry out a rescue mission from which he would emerge a hero, but lost control of the fire. A group of firefighters arrived and attempted to save Safra, but they were unable to find him. He had barricaded himself, along with an employee, inside a bathroom, the door of which the firefighters were unable to locate because it was camouflaged to match the rest of the elaborately decorated bedroom.

    Safra was known for being obsessed with security: His elaborate 20-room penthouse apartment in Monte Carlo was outfitted with bullet-proof doors and state-of-the-art locks, according to Gilded Lily: Lily Safra: The Making of One of the World’s Wealthiest Widows (Harper, $25.99), a book about Safra’s widow that will be released on June 29. Ted Maher was convicted in a Monaco court and spent more than eight years in jail. Forbes estimated Safra’s net worth was $2.5 billion shortly before his death.

    The scriptwriters really pull these stories out of their latex body-colored suit openings…

    1. ab Post author

      Do we believe that any of these people are actually billionaires? Could they be frontmen for other types of businesses or money laundering? Like celebrities I think they are somewhat controlled. They are money celebrities and as such we need to question their back stories.

  2. gaia

    I just read the story about these people, I never heard of:…

    and Barry’s uncle:…
    * born 17 March (St. Patrick’s Day)
    * “died” on Guy Fawkes Day, 17 days before his wife (who “died” on JFK day 11/22, ‘65, 2 years after JFK…)
    * “Bernard (Barry) Sherman, who had lost his father on 11/17, 1952, at age 9…”

    “Empire was the first Canadian firm to license and manufacture popular medications like Valium (diazepam), Orinase (tolbutamide) and Tetracyn (tetracycline). The United States market was becoming a greater focus, and the U.S. military became a client…”

    On the video:
    What’s up with the sunglasses? She doesn’t look like a rapper, why wear them, it looks ridiculous.

      1. gaia


        Exiled Georgian billionaire’s death ‘suspicious’

        By Duncan Gardham, Security Correspondent 2:37PM GMT 13 Feb 2008
        An exiled Georgian billionaire who moved to Britain after threats to kill him has been found dead at his mansion in Surrey.

        Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of Arkadi “Badri” Patarkatsishvili, a charismatic oligarch and Georgia’s richest man, who died last night at the age of 52.

        Friends have told the Daily Telegraph the preliminary cause of death appears to be heart failure but a post mortem is being carried out to investigate what brought on the heart attack.

        His body was discovered at 11pm last night at the billionaire businessman’s £10m home in Leatherhead, Surrey.

        Scotland Yard had been asked to investigate an alleged plot to assassinate Mr Patarkatsishvili after he suddenly withdrew from the Georgian presidential elections in December.

        In one of his last interviews, he told the Daily Telegraph he was too afraid to return home to Georgia, and that his life was in danger after at least two attempts had been launched to try and kill him in Britain.”…


        Billionaire Russian businessman found dead outside Surrey home could have been poisoned

        Alexander Perepilichnyy collapsed and died outside his home on a select estate in Weybridge in November 2012 shortly before he was due to give evidence as a whistleblower in an investigation into an alleged $230m (£146m) fraud which implicated Russian tax officials in a conspiracy with organised criminals. He had been told he was on a mafia hit list.

        The sudden death of a hitherto healthy man in the depths of the Stockbroker Belt led to intense speculation that the 44-year-old was the target of contract killers from the Russian mafia.

        Further tests are now being urgently carried out to establish whether the chemical “calling card” in the stomach contents can be used to show that Mr Perepilichnyy must have swallowed a deadly plant poison shortly before his death.

        The court heard that the substance was extremely rare in nature and could only be derived naturally from five sources – all of them forms of the poisonous plant Gelsemium, otherwise known as “heartbreak grass” and a known tool of assassins from Russia and China, where the most toxic version of the shrub – Gelsemium elegans – grows on remote hillsides.

        The fast-acting poison is seldom used and the last known case of its use was in 2011 to murder a Chinese billionaire, Long Liyuan, who is thought to have ingested the toxin while eating a dish of cat stew.…

        “a dish of cat stew”! 😀 poisoned with a plant… So Long, blothel! 😀

      2. gaia

        Ab, I am not Unreal, but stumbled upon this:

        Camilla Lyman was born into a wealthy family and bred champion cocker spaniels on a $2.1 million estate in Massachusetts. Early in his life, Lyman legally changed his name to Cam and transitioned into living as a man. When Cam Lyman disappeared in 1987 at age 54, along with some cash, clothing, and a case full of jewels, there was talk that he had gone off to Europe for the sex reassignment surgery he’d always talked about. George O’Neil, the caretaker of Lyman’s estate, did not report him missing and continued to look after the dogs and household. Additionally, O’Neil had power of attorney over Lyman’s affairs and was a beneficiary in his will. Cam Lyman’s body was recovered from the septic tank of his home 10 years after his disappearance. He had been shot, his body weighed down with a cinder block. George O’Neil vehemently denied any involvement and was never charged with murder, but was later convicted of embezzling from the Lyman estate. Even after being featured on Unsolved Mysteries, the murder remains exactly that.…

        Suuure! A septic tank! After 10 years? Isn’t a septic tank filled with bacteria to break down organic material? Apparently not this EGI sim, adequately called LIEman… Boy oh boy, I mean, girl…

        There’s more craziness in that link. You opened an interesting cam of worms here, Ab…

    1. ab Post author

      Oh no! They started their business with 10k in their garage! Sound apple familiar? We need to track all garage based businesses that went mega global.

    2. ab Post author

      The more I read about the back stories the more I think that these mega rich are just actors playing a role. After a time they probably want out, as they are probably tired of living the lie and the charade. They are probably just frontmen or actors for the Mega Rich families that have always controlled the big buck corporations.

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