FAC420-Misom, Gaia, Prescient

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Also John Adams, Napoleon Wilson

Building fakeopedia discussion.

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5 thoughts on “FAC420-Misom, Gaia, Prescient

  1. khammad


    Audio concerns:

    When you are outside you should be on push-to-talk as those children screams of playing are a constant source of interference in these audios. After dozens of audio recordings you have done these issues still remain. Do you not hear them when you relisten to these audio chats?

    Apologies for my own audio issues and am striving to improve each audio so that these precious audio chats can withstand the test of time.

    1. gaia

      Kham, I don’t listen to my audios, no. I have been looking for a good headset and microphone, but after 20+ stores no luck. I will order one online.

      Yes, I will use the push to talk option, I understand the playing kids and barking dogs can be a bit interfering.

  2. xileffilex

    I especially enjoyed the brief discussion of the fakeopedia chef”s psy oop of the day – Avianca flight 52…. one more clue chopped up bits of planes to represent the whole

    The fuselage partially fragmented into three distinct pieces. The cockpit and forward cabin separated from the rest of the airframe and were hurled over the crest of the hill, coming to a stop 90 feet (27 m) from the rest of the wreckage. The rest of the fuselage stopped within 25 feet (7.6 m) after impact.

    Did the earth move?? Sure did, according to one of those who hosted the crash on his property,

    ”I thought it was an earthquake,” said Sam Tissenbaum,

    Any famous people involved in the hoax, pop stars, that kind of person? Well, almost….

    this is a place of few homes on large acreages. The family of tennis millionaire John McEnroe has a home here; indeed, the lawn became the resting place for scores of bodies in white plastic shrouds.

    Orlando Sentinel, Jan 27 1990
    Rescue workers set up two triage areas on the lawn of John and Katy McEnroe, the parents of professional tennis player John McEnroe; the house is known as the Edward H. Swan House.[18][17] A morgue and command post was also set up on their property, which was 500 feet (150 m) from the crash site. At least six bodies were found outside the fuselage. Firefighters and medics erected ladders next to the airframe wreckage and led passengers down on stretchers and to the triage sites. At these sites, doctors tagged the critically injured patients for immediate evacuation. At least 30 bodies were gathered on the makeshift morgue at the McEnroe property by 03:00 the following morning
    [managed wiki]
    It becomes blindingly obvious this was just another clever HRDPAR. The drill script hardly changes, just the location and airline and the logistics of getting the junk delivered to the drill site.
    We’ve had the 20th anniversary “reunion” of the complicit “survivors”.
    [nice summary of US airline hoaxes at the foot of that article, thanks, guys!]
    Roll on January 2020 for another instalment of the “Miracle on the Hill”

    “There’s a lot more to this crash than meets the eye,” says [Nestor] Zarate, 67 who still suffers some lingering pain from the injuries he endured.

    Suuure is, Nestor. It was a drill hoax.

    1. ab Post author

      Listening to Misom & Gaia talk is like listening to a married couple. They have great energy and are both enjoyable when they’re sparring. The audio chats bring out the best in many fakeologists. I give Misom the upper hand in these conversations, almost like a mother to Gaia.


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