FAC421-Meet Deletethelite

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  • Ab talks about a real (public) death where he saw the body – with almost no media coverage
  • What? A Swede with a perfect American accent?
  • Simon’s new book on his solar system model
  • John Adams update

With Ab, Deletethelite, Faye, Napoleon Wilson, Gaia, John Adams

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  1. xileffilex

    Interesting discussion at the start about the muslim crash death/funeral. I don’t know what Canadian procedure is, but in the UK, if a death is reported to the coroner, it’s not your body to bury/cremate until the coroner has released it. www.gov.uk/after-a-death/when-…

    However, if no other vehicle were involved, a doctor might want to refer such a crash to the coroner to discover what the primary cause of the crash was, in which case a post-mortem would need to be carried out.
    Coincidentally, a nice juicy [for the legal profession] case has blown up in the past month, concerning the speed of burial of specifically Orthodox Jewish people in North London, where the local chief coroner reported pressure put upon her by the jewish community and they in turn accused her of discrimination. Naturally, the single issue knee-jerk secularists jumped on the bandwagon.
    It seems that the jews were already being placated by scans in place of invasive surgery, but even this caused delays.
    In fact we can observe that the death Barshevski did in fact require an inquest on December 15 because the cause of death must have still been unknown after the CT scan. [assuming it wasn’t violent or in police custody]

    Now the Jews want the coroner fired!
    Jan 19 2018
    The ABYS and Barzevski’s family accused the coroner of unnecessary foot-dragging in authorising a CT scan instead of an invasive autopsy, and therefore delaying the burial until four days after his death.
    Hassell said the delay was due to no out-of-hours service being available and staff shortages. She also accused Jewish community representatives of bullying her staff.

    We note an interesting phrase in the Jewish Chronicle
    Dec 28 2017
    Rabbi Gratt said…… he had “no words to describe the frustration and the pain that I have witnessed in the last five years amongst vulnerable, bereaved families, through this woman. It beggars belief that we should be going through these sort of issues in a democratic society.

    “We have had such a good relationship with every single coroner other than her. We could pick up the phone and call them in the middle of the night, and they would go out of their way to help.”
    In 2015 Ms Hassell lost a judicial review brought by the family of an Orthodox Jewish woman who resisted an order by the senior coroner for an invasive autopsy. The judge described Ms Hassell’s decision as “flawed.”

    hmmmm I am not quite sure what democracy has got to do with ascertaining someone’s cause of death.

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