FAC423-Kham and Rochello

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The ladies are back in 2018. What a great group we have here – old and new fakeologists for our 6th year!

Discussing the Clackamas mall shooting.

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5 thoughts on “FAC423-Kham and Rochello

  1. khammad

    And how can one prove the National News didn’t corrupt the story for their own benefit?

    The shooting I witnessed had a ton of law enforcement show up after the fact. As most killings there are many unanswered questions.

  2. ab Post author

    Sorry ladies nothing you said convinced me that this is a real event. Real people even if they are participants in the event can and do lie. Just the idea that the brains are splattered on the wall tells me he’s not telling the truth.

    1. xileffilex

      Oh my, what a transparent drill hoax [video]

      The Nairobi mall event was much more realistic.


      and the 15 year old “victim” seems prone to these staged events..
      t was the second trauma for the teen’s family that year. In August 2012, Shevchenko, seven of her siblings and two friends were in a fatal head-on collision in Vancouver. A man, who police said was drunk, drove across the centerline with his Ford Ranger, slamming into their Ford van. The Ranger’s driver died.
      Emiliya Shevchenko, Kristina’s 28-year-old sister, was driving the van and suffered serious injuries. Two others in the van were badly banged up and the rest, including Kristina, were treated for minor injuries and released.

      OHSU Hospital surgeon Laszlo Kiraly ……
      In an hourlong operation…. removed bullet fragments that hit one of her lungs and her liver.

      They always rope in doctors for these hoaxes, no more believable than any other “witness”, Boston Strong style

      Where did Jenna Passalaqua’s stepfather, Robert Yuill go to?

      A prime candidate for a Fakeopedia entry. Anyway, glad this staged event was brought to the surface by Rochello.

      1. gaia

        Thanks for that video, indeed a clear drill of this Cluck-a-mass shooting, with the usual hallmarks:

        – the ridiculous hands-up exercise (I would refuse if I’d ever be in such a situation)
        – the timing – 3:2(2?)0 PM-3:30 PM
        – the Masonic-type T-shirt the guy is wearing “Semper Fidelis” (always loyal *yuck*), if this is Oregon and around Christmas, wouldn’t you expect someone wearing a winter coat when shopping at Masons, sorry, Macy’s?
        – the mixture of evening shots (dark) while they talk about the afternoon (daylight)
        – of course people were “lucky”, because the gun jammed

        Still missing from the narrative:
        – the local hero (ideally LGBTQXYZ or black/Asian/latino or so)
        – the motive (may be in other media, but I do not watch those if it isn’t necessary)
        – GoFundMe pages for all the vicsims

        1. xileffilex

          The use of a “Santa” witness was repeated in the pathetic Fort Lauderdale airport shooting hoax from January 2017 [just missed the anniversary… Jan 6 on the hoax calendar]


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