Fake Sandusky memories

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One is the biggest #metoo stories of the past decade was the media circus known as the Sandusky trial. David has another very thoughtful interview with an author who disputes the guilt of Sandusky and lays it out in a large volume.

We all know from the 911 lie witnesses that witness accounts can easily be faked and there is a huge pseudoscience surrounding fake or repressed memories that is causing untolled harm.

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The Most Hated Man in AmericaIn Episode 172, David is shocked to find out that there was even one person who thought that Jerry Sandusky was not guilty of pedophilia, and did not deserve to rot in jail. But after reading Mark Pendergrast’s book, “The Most Hated Man in America”, David became convinced that the case needed to be re-examined, especially as one of its pillars was evidence derived from the discredited notion of ‘repressed memory’. During the discussion David and Mark contrast Sandus

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2 thoughts on “Fake Sandusky memories

  1. xileffilex

    Who’s “rotting” in “jail” after being found “guilty” in these psy-ops: terror attacks, serial killings, abuse scandals? Nobody.

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