Vaccine psyop /religion

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Some great comments from B. Mueller on vaccines in this hoax thread.

this entire vaccine started worldwide after the war, beginning in the USA, where TPTB have his Quartier obviously. The idea seems to be conditioning humans into taking shots in fear of getting sick. So they can drug entire populations if necessary. The involved people, I mean the chemical companies, drug stores, doctors, etc. they all believed in doing the right thing. So they develop their vaccines based on some crap extracted from sick organisms as written in the protocol. It never worked as hoped, but that wasn’t their problem. They only had to show some immediate effects (otherwise one could think its only water) and provide successful antibody tests which they designed themselves. And not to many side effects. They never had to prove that vaccines prevent from getting sick. The war shocked people heavily and caused stress for many years after the war. Live conditions were bad. Malnutrition was common. That led to many common sicknesses we know as measles, chicken pox, etc. As soon as people forgot the war and the live got better those sicknesses disappeared which the vaccinators claimed for themselves as prove for their vaccines. But a closer look shows, the vaccines always came and come after the respective sicknesses disappears. Latest case Ebola. There wasn’t any serious critic for decades, only recently a few people started to question vaccines in general. Due to internet it becomes common knowledge know. The vaccines changed their form and contents many times. Now they give shots for many sicknesses together. Rabbies vaccine is no longer a painful series of stomach shots as I remember from my youth. Many vaccines are no longer injected but given oral as drinks. And still none of this vaccines was ever tested if it really prevents from future sickness. No virus was ever isolated and analyzed. Its all based on suggestions. It’s a religion.…

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