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They do not think we put a man on the moon

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Continuing our series on how the less educated, or more correctly, those not subjected to the Great American PsyOp, see through the lies and do not believe the lies Americans are religious about.


Yeah, and he just thought that was horrible, that people would want to do that. And it’s not like I’m trying to play the devil’s advocate with him a lot of the time, but I’m, you know– this is a guy that also– just understanding these people do not– I was really surprised about how many of these countries didn’t believe the United States put a man on the moon.

Alex Blumberg



Yeah, they do not think we put a man on the moon. The Chinese, for the most part, didn’t think we did. Southeast Asian countries. Yeah, I mean, the Africans. Even the Indians, college educated Indians, and they’re like, no, we’re pretty much sure you guys didn’t.

Source: Chinese Checkmate-This American Life Ep 448

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A magical factory that made energy out of nothing

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Pretty good summary from a Babushka on what a nuke plant is. Why do the least educated in our world speak the truth and the educated ignore it?

Source: Denying the Invisible-This American Life Ep 431

At that time, my notions of nuclear power stations were utterly idyllic. At school and at the university, we’d been taught that this was a magical factory that made energy out of nothing, where people in white robes sat and pushed buttons.

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