6 thoughts on “FAC425-Ab, Delcroix, Rollo

  1. John le Bon

    I enjoyed listening to this chat. Thank you for creating and posting it.

    This call reminded me that when he is not sloshed (or pretending to be) Rollo is a lot of fun to listen to, a very likeable character.

    Del’s anecdote about beating the young punks in a game of pool was entertaining. Pocketing two balls on the break? The kids hearts would have sunk very quickly indeed.

    Thanks also to Ab for cutting and playing the clips from the normie show. What? The Chinese don’t believe we put men on the moon? That damn commie propaganda, the Chinese government fooling its own people yet again.

    Cheers, lads.

  2. gaia

    The samples you played, Ab, in the beginning from This American Life were nice. Yes, the show is “mainstream”, in the sense that they do not question the fakery part of “news” events. But they present interesting, many times “forgotten” and personal stories about events that probably have fakery in them, may be manufactured in the background, but in essence (in daily life) were real.

    Just like the Northern Irish case. The animosity was manufactured, pumped up, but there were things going on obviously, even if they staged all the bombings.

    The radio show is also a good entry point for further research, so I like to listen to it and recommend it to other people.

  3. xileffilex

    Great chat. We’ll never comprehend what went on behind the scenes in Northern Ireland, one big psy-op laboratory at the time which I’m sure yielded many useful results for the controllers and created a lot of misery among those whose differences were being exploited by intel. I traveled around there in the 80s as a lone tourist , oh wow…a bizarre experience.
    No, it was John Pulman who wore his specs upside down, Rollo.

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