FAC426-Simon’s new book

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With Ab, Deletetheelite, Delcroix, Napoleon Wilson, Faye, Folius Hattius, Gaia

The new book is coming out on Wednesday, describing Simon’s take on our world and where it is.

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3 thoughts on “FAC426-Simon’s new book

  1. cryptofascist

    I think you are essentially agreeing with Gaia (this was the guy promoting Shack’s model?). He was not saying “we must accept anything Simon Shack says,” but simply that he has a reputation for logical consistency and a high standard of evidence. This would be in contrast to the guy spouting Flat Earth tropes about how “the moon is always in focus” while never coherently explaining why this shouldn’t be so.

  2. John le Bon

    Well well well, what a fascinating exchange. My thanks to all participants for what proved to be an illuminating call.

    Kudos to Napoleon Wilson for having the courage to challenge the concepts of gravity, astronomical history, and any ‘model’ based upon erroneous foundations.

    Especially in the face of the appeals to Simon shack’s authority.

    ‘Don’t you trust Simon Shack?’

    Goodness gracious me. Why would any fakeologist of sound mind use ‘trust’ as an argument for anything? Shack’s September Clues helped many of us to see and engage with media fakery, and many of us are thankful for his work on 9/11. Does this mean we should accept his other work, such a new model of our cosmology, because we ‘trust’ him?

    How absurd.

    I for one will reserve judgement of Shack’s model until I have had time to study and scrutinise it for myself. I must say that I am looking forward to checking it out, because Shack seems to me to be an intelligent and thoughtful person. But I do not ‘trust’ him and even if I did, it would not lead me to try to silence or wallpaper over criticisms I or others may have of his model.


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