Making lottery winners secret

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I’m still quite sure big winners are fake since the just don’t come up frequently enough to keep people interested. This story gives a plausible deniability explanation as to why the media can keep the fake names secret and not make up a sim.

Once more, the best advice to future suckers is don’t play the lottery. You’d be better off playing one in an office for a few hundred bucks where you know the people who will pay you out.

The winning numbers triple-checked and the lottery ticket signed, the New Hampshire woman knew her life was about to change in a very positive way — except for one petrifying thing. As the winner of last month’s $560 million Powerball, she would soon be the world’s newest owner of a nine-digit bank account. But because of lottery rules, everyone in the world would know about it — neighbours, old high school friends, con artists, criminals. Now the woman is asking a judge to let her keep the cash —

Source: All she has to do to collect a $560 million jackpot is make her name public. She refuses | Toronto Star

They were talking about the Lottery. Winston looked
back when he had gone thirty metres. They were still arguing, with vivid, passionate faces. Te Lottery, with its
weekly pay-out of enormous prizes, was the one public event

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to which the proles paid serious attention. It was probable
that there were some millions of proles for whom the Lottery was the principal if not the only reason for remaining
alive. It was their delight, their folly, their anodyne, their
intellectual stimulant. Where the Lottery was concerned,
even people who could barely read and write seemed capable of intricate calculations and staggering feats of memory.
There was a whole tribe of men who made a living simply by
selling systems, forecasts, and lucky amulets. Winston had
nothing to do with the of the Lottery, which was
managed by the Ministry of Plenty, but he was aware (indeed everyone in the party was aware) that the prizes were
largely imaginary. Only small sums were actually paid out,
the winners of the big prizes being non-existent persons. In
the absence of any real intercommunication between one
part of Oceania and another, this was not difficult to arrange.

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  1. ricky

    Remember when the “lottery” proceeds were supposed to pay for public education? This was many years ago, but that was the “selling pitch” for approving the lottery in California at the time. Have any Cali residents see any tax relief?? LOL!! It was obvious from the jump it was a scam, there’s some minor “winners” here and there to keep the suckers rolling in, the big “winner” stories always seem to disappear after a short time. Great text from “1984.”


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