Kiyoshi Tanimoto -This is your atomic bomb life

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This is the best of 50s propaganda fear porn. The host is quite the condescending prick, putting scripted words in the preachers forgotten-lines mouth.

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2 thoughts on “Kiyoshi Tanimoto -This is your atomic bomb life

  1. ricky

    One thing I’ve become sensitive to after studying media from the fakeologist perspective is how pervasive hoaxes are continually hammered into the unsuspecting minds of the “normies.” The cross pollination of hoax perpetuation in ALL media forms is stunning when seeing it with new eyes. I had the misfortune of seeing a lot of main-stream media and new movies while caring for family last week, these false memes are repeated ad-nauseam even in seemingly unrelated material, sometimes in a very subtle manner. You have to give these scumbags credit, they have every angle covered. I know this is old hat for many fakeologists, but after not watching TV or movies for many years it was jarring, the movie audience thought they were in on the joke in the “Truman Show,” little do they realize, they are the joke.

  2. Faye

    “The proto-reality show was created and hosted by Ralph Edwards, who understood that what viewers craved was a simple premise and easy-to-follow narrative of trial, tribulation, and redemption. Each show starred a different person (sometimes famous, sometimes not), caught off-guard by Edwards. He or she was then whisked to a TV studio and, over 30 minutes, taken through the highs and lows of a life well-lived.”

    “If you thought a reality TV show episode about the Holocaust was in bad taste, though, you ain’t seen nothing yet. This 1955 episode, featuring Methodist minister Kiyoshi Tanimoto, retells the bombing of Hiroshima. One of the men who dropped the bomb, Capt. Robert Lewis, is even brought out to shake hands with the reverend, who endured the blast.”…


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