Serial killers: back in hoax vogue

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First, a national DNA (blood profile) database needs to be built from criminals. Then it will outstretch to pre-criminals (ie. the rest of us).

Bringing Bundy back from the hoax dead is a sign. Toronto’s sad is another.

But there have been roadblocks. Unfortunately, Bundy’s DNA is not in a national database.

Bundy copped to 11 murders in Washington state but was not convicted of any. Instead, Florida took the lead in order to put the killer in the chair.…

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6 thoughts on “Serial killers: back in hoax vogue

  1. xileffilex

    Seems that way –…

    Germany: Höxter ‘house of horror’ killers convicted
    A German husband and wife lured women to their home, where they abused them mentally and physically. After two years in court **, the pair have been handed long sentences ***.

    ** nice drink for the legal profession – check!
    *** suuuuure they have
    Hoexter – sounds rather like Hoaxter, an ideal location for a derivative script used to great media effect in the UK some years ago

    “House of horrors/hoaxes” bought by UK national – check!…
    [note white suited forensic actors posing for the cameras - check!]

    1. Tom Dalpra

      ” [note white suited forensic actors posing for the cameras - check!] ”

      It’s true, I’ve pointed to this standard sight in the newspapers at Psyop crime scenes before and scoffed at it ”Ha, the men in white coats, standard! ”
      But, if you were asked to get a picture of a crime scene for the newspapers wouldn’t it be an obvious shot to take ? Standard, indeed. As standard as thanking the police for their wonderful support, which we always read. You ‘always’ see it, real or faked.
      A couple of weeks back there was an incident ( a real incident I can be pretty certain! An assault ) at a house down the road from me. The people in white suits were all over the house for days. You would have had a job avoiding them if you’d photographed the crime scene . My conclusion: photos in newspapers of alleged crime scenes featuring people in white coats should be expected at both real and staged crime scenes and are proof of nothing.
      Also real crimes have real trials that can drag on. We can’t draw any conclusions from the fact that a case had a long trial and was a good junket for the legal profession. It’s not that I’m saying you are drawing that conclusion xileffilex ( i read it that you’re simply suggesting an alternative reality ) it’s just that it can read a little like you’re calling fake.

      But what fake ? I have no idea what did or didn’t happen regarding these two House of Horror stories : the Wests and Wilfred W but I can’t make the claim that these stories are completely contrived with the evidence I have.

        1. Tom Dalpra

          Ha! Ok, ok that one does seem staged, I’ll agree to that !

          That said, the ones you linked to regarding this German case seem less so and I maintain that photographs of men in white suits at crime scenes should be expected at real and staged events.


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