FAC430-Faye and Gaia on Florida #HRDPAR

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We need a name for a future regular show from you two!

Ab says,

I love the chemistry that you two have. You guys should have your own regular radio show. You two are without a doubt the best fakeologist finds of 2017. Keep it up. BRAVO!

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5 thoughts on “FAC430-Faye and Gaia on Florida #HRDPAR

  1. ricky

    I enjoyed the chat, there is indeed great chemistry and the conversation flows in an easy to follow manner. “xileffilex” sums this one up nicely, “especially uninteresting,…entirely predictable and derivative.” These “events” do provide a service, any sites that promote these stories as real, you can promptly ignore. This particular event represents a dividing line, or last stand between fantasy and reality for most people. It’s so lame and “predictable” the acceptance represents to me a total capitulation to any future totalitarian measures.

  2. xileffilex

    This old chestnut keeps cropping up, can we put it to bed for good? – the default time for twitter is Pacific. Sometimes screenshots show a twitter stream from an account set to display local time.
    This staged tweet for the news stands is timed at 12.01 PM
    but on the Daily Mirror site it appears to me as 20.01.04 UTC [GMT]
    It is no surprise that there is an 8 hour difference. The tweet would have been sent at 3.01 PM ET.

    Otherwise, I find this “shooting” especially uninteresting, there is nothing to see, nothing to learn from it. Entirely predictable and derivative with a cast of easily recycled young individuals.

    1. gaia

      Thanks for clearing that up. I have no Twitter and hardly look at tweets elsewhere, so I didn’t know that about the times. I just put it out there as an observation, not as “definitive evidence of foreknowledge” or so.


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