Gun psyops are to change the culture

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Fascinating story of the transformation of the GM culture to the Toyota culture of building better cars.

This can be applied to American attitudes towards the 2nd Amendment, since it involves people, perception, and psychology.

The task seems insurmountable, but so was the idea to turn GM around, on an albeit smaller scale.

The point of this fantastic business story is that it takes a generation or two to change a way of thinking, unless you can blow it up and start over.

To process to amend the American Constitution is virtually impossible. If there is any chance at all, you will need to change the hearts and minds of one or two generations to effect change. This will take hundreds, maybe thousands, of capstone events over tens of years.

The controllers always have time on their side. Their corporations are patient and long term planners.

Listen to the whole podcast, or start at 49:00.

But in America, everyone I talked to said it took about a decade and a half after NUMMI for change to even begin to take hold at GM. By the year 2000, GM finally started to see a generational transformation. Jeffrey Liker says, so many managers had come through NUMMI for training, for a day, or a week, or a year.

Jeffrey Liker

Over time, you start to get 10 people, 20 people, 100 people, 300 people, and you now have a critical mass of people in GM who’ve all been in NUMMI, they’ve lived it. Now they’re managing people and teaching them what they learned, and it snowballs, and suddenly the world is different in GM, and nobody can even tell you exactly why.…

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3 thoughts on “Gun psyops are to change the culture

  1. gaia

    What I would say, it’s a double-edged sword. It is both true that Western jobs get lost to cheaper countries and at the same time those jobs displace their local people into even higher poverty. Take the 2nd world countries, like the Philippines, Vietnam and such and also 3rd world mayhem like Bangladesh. Bringing opportunities for some, but at the same time suffering for many others.

    It’s the same thing as what is happening with this mass immigration into Europe and North America. Relatively the middle and higher classes are less moved by it, but if you’re a lower class native male (of whatever race, culture or religion), with 90% immigrant males coming in, you get a harder time finding a right woman for your life. A trickle down (or up) effect is undeniably happening.

  2. ricky

    Very good presentation, although some misdirection in play regarding the bigger picture in the shifting of labor into much poorer countries. This is the backdrop that’s neglected, shifting the blame towards the unions becoming corrupt and self-serving is displayed occurring as a very insular progression. Not as a broader corporate shift into cheaper labor markets, Japan as the prototype and foreshadowing what was on deck. It reminds me of shifting the burden of the 2008 “financial crisis” onto the backs of homeowners “taking out loans they couldn’t afford,” while neglecting to mention the broader corrupt and criminal culture that promoted it.

    1. ab Post author

      I agree that the long game is always to offshore the jobs to Mexico or China, but once someone identifies with a side (union/management) it’s very difficult to get them to come back to the middle ground and lose sight of what they’re there for in the first place. This audio was to illustrate how long it takes to change hearts and minds. It can take generations.


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