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But the reason I am attaching this addendum is that the media is reporting some people are crying foul on SpaceX, but it pretends everyone who thinks this is fake is a Flat Earther. I told you a couple of years ago when this stuff began to be promoted heavily at Youtube and online that this was why. The mainstream creates its own lunatic-fringe opposition, so that when you disagree with them they can lump you in with this lunatic fringe. “Oh, everyone who thinks SpaceX is fake is a Flat Earther.” No. I think Space-X is fake and I am not a Flat Earther.
So try again. But they can’t try again because they have nothing else. They have no rebuttal. The only thing they have is a knee-jerk dismissal based on a Flat-Earth theory their own people created, so once you get past that it is silence.
You will tell me there are some people on Youtube saying this is fake, and then promoting Flat Earth.
Yes, of course they are, because that is part of the project. They want you to think there is some connection between Flat Earth and criticizing or SpaceX. There isn’t. That connection has been manufactured. Just as there are no serial killers and no real Communists
, there are no real Flat Earthers. Every single one of them is an agent in disguise, pretending to be a Flat Earther.
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6 thoughts on “MM on FE/DBA/Elon Musk

  1. lux

    So, start a project for fakeologists: Everybody post stuff like, “The Earth is flat and these school shootings are REAL”, “The Earth is flat and Osama bin Laden masterminded 9/11″,”The Earth is flat and global warming will kill us all” etc, etc.

    1. gaia

      That is not how it works. What happens is that thousands of NASA fakery exposing videos are around, with Flat Earth either in the conclusions/content or sometimes simply in the name alone. Now, if you want to share that good video where lots of NASA fakery is exposed elsewhere, then you gain a lot of audience who will say “it says Flat Earth, dude, come on, I am not going to watch that”. The peer pressure self-DBA in full effect. This leads to two effects:
      – people exposing NASA fakery are branded loonies (DBA)
      – NASA fakery videos actually lose audience because they will only be watched by Flat Earthers (small but very vocal minority) or those who skip the Flat Earth BS and focus on the NASA fakery only (my position)

      The opposite effect is also visible on YouTube. There are tons of Flat Earth debunking videos around, but many of them defend NASA using the same broomstick 180 degrees turned. My time at the Flat Earth Society Forum has taught me there are very few people around who are exposing NASA fakery but are not Flat Earthers, a sensible position seen at Cluesforum, Piece of Mindful, Miles Mathis and other websites where good research is done.

      The infestation of YouTube feeds is very dramatic. Having watched recently videos about or including Flat Earth, literally every “recommendation” is dominated by it. Far more than after watching other topics that get recommended. That shows it is a project and that YouTube is in on it.

      I was amazed to find so many Flat Earthers at Fakeologist and find it disturbing. How can someone who is said to seek truth and expose lies fall for such an obvious controlled opposition psyop hook, line and sinker?

  2. xileffilex

    The Marx link in MM’s “paper” doesn’t work, here it is…
    The analogy between Communists and serial killers doesn’t work for me at all. I’ve me a number of very ordinary communists, committed to the cause [perhaps like some flat earthers] who were probably useful idiots in the grand scheme of things but I have never yet come across a self confessed serial killer myself, or even found evidence of a Serial Killer Party with a daily newspaper with an organisational structure and conferences. Only this…

    I don’t doubt however that all serial killers are a police/intel/media confection.

  3. ricky

    One thing for sure, if you express doubt about the shape of the earth as we’ve been taught, most people think you’re an idiot. Let alone actually promoting the idea that the earth may be flat. This has been the same story with every hoax I’ve looked into for the last ten years, I’ve learned to never dismiss any new idea no matter how much it conflicts with my brainwashing, er, education. My opinion is unless you’re some deep insider, you can’t know for certain.

    1. gaia

      Ricky, that is the whole problem with Flat Earth (or “Ball Earth Skeptic” as it is weaselly called), “Ball Earth Skeptic” is a useless term anyway. Because the Earth is either Flat or a Ball. The third option, Concave Earth is also a ball. It’s like saying “I don’t eat meat, fish, eggs, milk, use animal products, but I am not a vegan”.

      And “doubt”? Seriously? This whole FE meme is not about doubt. It is a cult. A religion. A propaganda project, A DBA strategy as Miles Mathis points out. Nothing doubt at all. It is embracing a new narrative.

      We cannot go into the rubble of 9/11 to prove with 100% certainty there were no victims. We cannot prove for the full 100% that Michael Jackson, or Prince, or Lady Diana, or anyone of them didn’t die. We can make the case those stories presented to us are false by pointing out inconsistencies in the storyline.

      What we can do however, is look at and study the Earth and the skies with our own eyes. We do not need to trust “authorities”, we can just make observations and see for ourselves the shape of the Earth is a convex sphere (just like the Moon, something even Flat Earthers have to admit). That is not “brainwashing”, it is the exact opposite of it; empirical science (so real science).

      The interesting part of the question is the position of that sphere with respect to the celestial bodies. Is it heliocentric (the mainstream model), or geocentric, or even geo-heliocentric? Those are interesting questions that open up new possibilities and critical examination.

      That is what I see -on top of MM’s right observation that now NASA fakery exposers are grouped in the loonies group with Flat Earthers, deliberately, as the names of NASA fakery exposure videos show- in this whole Flat Earth BS (really, it is so easy to disprove and has been done by many people, not using NASA or other “space” agents … sorry… agencies, but your own brain) as well. A way to steer our eyes away from possible alternatives to the heliocentric model by introducing this false narrative.

      But the shape of the Earth cannot be anything else than a convex sphere. Call me “brainwashed” if it comforts you in your beliefs, it doesn’t hurt me, it only hurts yourself unfortunately.

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