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  1. gaia

    David Hogg’s mother, Rebecca “not now,” Boldrick claims having received “death threats” after “conspiracy theories” surfaced online:

    Fla. shooting survivor’s mother: We have received death threats

    The mother of a student who survived the deadly Florida high school shooting said her family has received death threats in the wake of the tragedy.

    Hogg’s mother, Rebecca Boldrick, told The Washington Post her family has received death threats online since the conspiracy theories surfaced.

    “I’m under so much stress,” she told the Post.

    “I’m angry and exhausted,” she continued. “Angry, exhausted and extremely proud.”

    The key is in the bolded part. What does someone do who receives death threats? You report this, not to the Washington Post, a “news”paper with no power to do anything against those howwible death threats, but to the police. Then the police can investigate them, find the responsible people for those “death threats” and prove that responsibility and then the case is taken to court. Behind closed doors, without cameras.

    That is how real life works.

    The fact that Becky didn’t go to the law-enforcing police, but to the storytelling media with this -true-or-not- story, means she has no motivation to do something about them and find the responsible people, but as a propaganda prop for the world out there.

    Just like all the #metoo meme maidens who tell the media the stories, not the police, they have been raped or abused by Harvey Schweinstein or other people in Hollyjew.

    The Washington Post article also props another possible psyop, in the MCP category:

    Hogg’s mother, Rebecca Boldrick, an elementary school teacher, scoffed at the conspiracy theories growing online about her son and other Parkland students. She said her husband, a Republican, worked for the FBI as an agent at airports in Los Angeles and Florida before retiring from the bureau in October 2016.

    Kevin Hogg, 51, left the FBI because he had been diagnosed with early-onset Parkinson’s ­disease several years earlier, Boldrick said. The family has not previously revealed this fact publicly because her husband is embarrassed, she said.

    The wild allegations online have also taken on a more dangerous tone, she said. Boldrick said her family has received death threats online.

    “I’m under so much stress,” she said describing her state a week after the shooting. “I’m angry and exhausted. Angry, exhausted and extremely proud.”

    Mark Berman, Wesley Lowery, Michael Scherer and Aaron C. Davis contributed to this report.

    It is strange that Becky Boldrick doesn’t know the right channel to actually handle these “death threats”, with a husband being “ex-“FBI…
    Kevin Hogg can be seen in the video in the first link. I am not a medical expert, but does he look like suffering from Parkinson’s disease “for several + 1.5 years”??

    Rebecca Boldrick is a former CNN employee and now real estate agent

    Oh, and Ab, have you received your rubles and rials yet?

    Conspiracy theories around “crisis actors” — feigning grief and working to build support for tougher gun laws — start with a premise that the event never occurred, according to Kate Starbird, a University of Washington professor who runs a lab that tracks the spread of online rumors after disasters.

    Starbird said her lab has documented both domestic sites and some tied to foreign governments in Russia and Iran amplifying the narratives, including after the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando in 2016.

    1. xileffilex

      Nice callout of Starbird, gaia. One to watch.

      Here’s one of her lectures
      Don’t bother watching it, but from the very few comments, it seems people can see through her gatekeeping role. She gets onto crisis actors after 17:00, and has a nice little one-two with Infowars at 22.00…. [some Cluesforum memebrs don’t like the term “crisis actor” – we have to call those students covered in fake blood “military-media assets”.
      I guess this pair [7/7 staged event] are by definition MMAs.:

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