FAC433-Megachat-Is war a hoax?

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Faye, Gaia, John Adams, John le Bon, Dave J, Rollo, Phil, Justsayindude, Farcevalue on his closeness to the Florida shooting hoax. [more to come as I listen]

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  1. Terran Downvale

    Ugh, this was frustrating to listen to. Both sides didn’t help with the figure 8 problem. Could have really used a moderator to step in and clear up the obvious conflict here. From what I can recall from Dave J’s videos, he claimed that absolutely no one died or got hurt in any of these reported military conflicts, whether they meet the definition of “war” given by JLB or not. That seems to be different from what JLB is stating. He’s saying he doesn’t know for sure but that he has not yet seen sufficient proof of actual death or injury. Have I got that right?

    The most important issues for me when it comes to the “reality of war” are civilian casualties and forced participation. Soldiers who died or got hurt after voluntarily signing up technically did so by their own consent. The military draft is something that supposedly exists with draft dodging being a punishable offense. I think we’d need to find out if ANYONE has ever actually been imprisoned for refusing to join the military. If not, then doesn’t this all essentially come down to PEER PRESSURE? In that case, then “war” is really a MIND GAME and an arguably “evil” one if we want to put that label on it. We are given a choice of how to respond and if our free will choices end up getting us injured or killed, then it’s technically “on us.” Civilian deaths and injuries are another story. If we really want to determine whether war is “real or fake,” we need to focus on that aspect, especially if the legal threat of draft dodging is just a psyop.

    For the record, my grandfather (who died several years ago) served in the Estonian military during WWII. He claimed to have engaged in battles with the invading Russian army where he was shot and injured. As a result, he lost a lung, suffered a disabling injury to his elbow and apparently had shrapnel in his body till the day he died which showed up on X-rays and set off metal detectors. I’ve never seen these X-rays myself but I did see the results of his arm injury. I’ll have to ask my mom for more details as she fled Estonia as a child and actually spent some time in a German relocation camp after the war ended. I’m quite certain she won’t agree that “war is a hoax” but I’ll try to find out how much she remembers. It’s not something I’ve talked to her much about and this debate has really got me curious! If there’s anything specific you’d like me to ask her, let me know.

    1. ab Post author

      One thing about war, most soldiers won’t talk about it at all. This helps keeps secrets, especially if the experience is horrible which I’m sure it is.

      1. Terran Downvale

        Yeah, I never talked to my grandfather about his war experiences. I wasn’t that close to him and there was a bit of a language barrier. But it didn’t seem like something I should bring up. I never heard him say anything about it until shortly before he died. We had a family get-together on his birthday and during a silence in the festivities, he suddenly started rambling about horrible things he’d seen during the war. People getting thrown off of rooftops by soldiers. People being beaten to the point that their eyeballs popped out of their skulls. Everyone just sat there awkwardly silent as he trailed off and someone changed the subject. I really wish I’d tried to talk to him about it. I dunno if my mom had any direct experiences with war violence. She doesn’t seem to like to talk about it either. I’ll see what I can find out, though.

  2. farcevalue

    John le Bon:

    “War is a hoax. Period.”

    I’m a bit late to this party, so I need some clarification on definitions.

    Is the word “hoax” being used in the same way as it is used to describe 9/11 and Sandy Hook? As whole cloth media fabrications where no one dies or is injured (i.e., all parties are actors, not just primaries) all physical elements are stage-crafted and destruction of property is highly calculated controlled demolition?

    I have come to the conclusion that the opposing forces are in collusion, that the reasons and stated goals for supposed conflicts are lies, etc., but have yet to examine the idea that bombings and such are controlled demolition and that disabled veterans and such are actors.

    Is that the premise? A whole cloth hoax?

  3. ab Post author

    Is history repeating itself? The last time war is a hoax became a big deal was when Chris @ hoaxbuster’s call stopped talking to Marcus Allen. Is this a deliberate ploy to disrupt this community or a valid talking point?

    1. John le Bon

      Deliberate ploy by who? Me? Dave J? The two of us working in cahoots with teh See Eye Ayez?

      Come on, bro.

      Dave J knows and understands that War is a hoax. So do I.

      Revelation of the War Hoax should be good news for people. We are indoctrinated at school and by the telescreen to believe millions of innocent people died gruesome deaths. We are encouraged to grieve for one minute every year while wearing poppies at school, ffs. The whole macabre ritual is kinda sick once you see it for what it is.

      And now, those of us who are here to reconsider our opinions, and focus on the evidence and the logic, can come to understand that it is all a joke. A great weight is lifted from our shoulders, especially those of us with above-average levels of empathy for our fellow man. there is no need to mourn these innocent people from the past, because they were not slaughtered in the millions.

      War is a hoax. Period.

      It seems to me as though several Fakeologists are fully aware that War is a Hoax, but they would rather argue with me about the semantics, and the minutiae, like a figure-eight going nowhere, than discuss what follows the understanding of the War Hoax. Phil and Faye are chief among the obstructionists, as evidenced once again in this call.

      This is your site and you have every right to run it as you see fit. You have done enough good work, and helped my own development to such an extent, that you will not hear any complaints from me (or suggestions that you are a ‘paid shill’).

      I do wonder how many people out there, though, are sick of the obstructionists talking in their figure-eights. I wonder if your platform is really being helped by these characters, some of whom only seem to pop into the call when I am there, and only seem to want to go around in circles, achieving absolutely nothing of value.

      War is a Hoax. They put it in our faces with films like Wag the Dog. This is good news, and there is much insightful discussion which can follow an understanding of the War Hoax. This discussion is being stifled and obstructed by Hoax Deniers. In my opinion, this is regrettable.

  4. Faye

    The word hoax keeps a touch of its origins meaning something funny. Using it in the field of fakeology is for me understandable in the following manner: it is an imminent spontaneous reaction when realizing that something thought as a catastrophe, was in fact not that portrayed catastrophe. In this sense, it is as taking a human stance in front of those who rule with deception, destruction, manipulation. It does not substitute the understanding of what really happened. Although it can be used to avoid the research about what really happened.

    1. John le Bon

      Sandy Hook was HOAX.

      The ‘Boston Bombings’ event was also a HOAX.


      End of story.

      If you do not understand this, then what business do you have discussing media fakery?

      And how has the fakeologist.com devolved from a place where people understood that these media events are hoaxes, to a place where people can spend hours arguing about it and getting nowhere, like a figure-eight?

  5. matti

    Fake Word War

    Interesting how some constellations of people produce discussion and others create circular arguments…

    “Gaia: you ‘can’t know anything’ so you don’t anything, so stop wasting the time of the other call participants and the audience with your contrarian/post-modernist nonsense.”

    “As I tried to explain several times, I don’t pretend to know what did ‘happen’ at the times and places now described as the location of ‘war’, and I pity anybody who believes that we can ‘know’ specifically what did ‘happen”.

    Same message.

    Sounds like Dave was primed to hit Gaia straight out of the gate with some shock and awe and then get out of there.
    Deceiver! Spiritual Murderer! Figure of Eight?
    (“I didn’t expect the Spanish inquisition – Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition.” Why does JLB always remind me of Monty Python) And ‘have some respect’ Dave – I can bully and name call you because I know and you don’t – I’ve had a divine revelation – J, well, don’t people just love that John Wayne approach. He might know some truths but he doesn’t know much about social interaction. There was some self-righteous bullying going on here, mobbing 101, two of them and a follow-up mail of such a judgmental and authoritarian nature; surely, it must be that old ‘Figure of Eight’ satire… ‘I told Rollo he liked being called ‘Crazy Dave, he he he.’

    But back to truth: (Apply Scottish accent) Finally, the wee burns went to bed and the big boys came on and we got to hear something interesting.

    (Also Interesting that Lynne Mctaggart’s ‘Power of Eight’ a powerful and positive form of collective praying is currently doing the rounds… no, I’m not religious)

    ‘If you can’t convince, confuse.’

    So we were playing with the details in the definition of the word: war. War is organized violent conflict. And that really happens. Of course war narratives are false, the first casualty of war is the truth but the violence – which is what we really worry about – has been and sometimes is still, very real.

    But at least now it is nice to know that my Uncle wasn’t killed in a war he just died young and violently in 1941 and my wife’s Grandfather, who was Polish but had to fight for the Nazis or go to a camp, didn’t spend 8 years in a Russian Prisoner of ‘War’ camp because of the ‘war’.
    (In Germany it’s called ‘Krieg’ which also means ‘to get’)

    Sure, it’s not as it was sold to us but the bombs fell, people died and Granny had to go out at night and steal vegetables to survive. Come to Germany and I’ll show you the evidence in the landscape and introduce you to people who were buried under bomb rubble as children, who tell of the ‘pretty circle of lights’ that came before the bombs fell, people who experienced the flooding, the ‘furniture on the rooftops’ after the dam-busters hit and other images not shown on ‘The World at War’ and you can argue with their visceral memories experienced by their own five senses. My Granddad got the call up to ‘war’ during the intermission of ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. My Dad, who was a small boy at the time said that he never did see the end of that film. His Dad left home the next day. And these stories did not come out easily I can tell you.

    Maybe it was out of this carnage that the noble lie of the nuke was rolled out and it does look like everything was lined up to be that way. (see H.G.Wells)

    In Australia and New Zealand nothing is much older than 300 years, except the native culture – how have they been treated by our benign managers? And there haven’t been any wars there, just attempted genocides. Every thing that happens is far away and only comes in through the media and people’s stories. No wonder it’s hard to believe.

    Please, no knee jerking, I wouldn’t be on Fakeologist if I didn’t accept how much fakery is going on, including nukes, modern conflicts and the historical time line. And I have often pondered on the true nature of our controllers…

    If fakery is the way the noble lie is implemented and nobody is really being killed, and we start to run with the narrative that we are being managed by benign forces, saving us from ourselves and our baser natures – that would be nice – I want to believe – if this is the case, why stir everything up? If they are good people doing a good job then exposing them is not very helpful. Now they might have to engineer something real again for a while, like the bombing of Germany in World War Hoax 2

    There ia a saying in Germany: Those that don’t understand have to feel. Meaning; if you don’t understand that fire burns put your hand in it and feel.

    Maybe the knowledge of the noble lie and the fakery used to implement it only comes to the special few after they have passed all their secret society initiations and have been sworn to complicity for the good of human kind… and now these fakeologists have turned up and are telling every one how it’s done. Where is the Spanish Inquisition?

    Read more: fakeologist.com/blog/2018/02/2…

    1. John le Bon

      Sandy Hook was a HOAX. Period. End of story.

      Do I know what did ‘happen’ inside that ‘school’ on the day of the alleged shooting? No.

      Does this mean that I do not or cannot know it was a HOAX? No, it does not.

      Sandy Hook was a HOAX — plain and simple — and when I first discovered this website, the userbase here seemed to grasp this simple fact. It was one of the things which attracted me to the site in the first place. In fact when I first got here, the typical fakeologist knew about more of the hoaxes than I did. I was still fresh in the scene.

      In three years, things have changed dramatically, and this fact was brought into sharp focus by the call in question.

      Now we have a bunch of people who would prefer to play semantic games, and have go-nowhere discussions based on those semantics, than have intelligent conversation about what follows once we understand the depth of fakery (which of course goes much, much further than mere school shooting hoaxes).

      What has happened to this place?

      Those of you out there reading these words, ask yourself, what is going on here? Is the hatred for JLB so strong that people will now defend and equivocate on the hoaxes, just for the sake of arguing with me?

      1. gaia

        Seriously John? Bolding hoaxes that are clear and undebated, where crisis actors/GoFundmeFrauds and ridiculous pictures or the lack thereof are spread as true and at this same page merely repeating the claim in bold “war is a hoax” again and again?

        I am sure my fellow truth seekers/fakeologists recognize that shallow trick of the media, one of the simplest forms of propaganda. Ask Uncle Gustave. Do you really feel you make a point with that, other than exposing you don’t have one?

        “In three years, things have changed dramatically, and this fact was brought into sharp focus by the call in question.

        Now we have a bunch of people who would prefer to play semantic games, and have go-nowhere discussions based on those semantics, than have intelligent conversation about what follows once we understand the depth of fakery (which of course goes much, much further than mere school shooting hoaxes).”

        I perfectly understand why you want to avoid “semantic games”, because it kicks the foundation below your own mind games away. When using two vague words, that even in the mainstream and in our use are poorly defined, and by combining them making the statement the one means the other, there is a huge need for proper definitions we can all agree upon.

        You make dangerous assumptions again. You see your own path over the last 3 years as “the only right way to go”. Everybody who took a different one, is “mistaken”. Other people have other interests than you John, and when was the last time you stepped back from a route you took for months because you realized you were wrong? When did you admit that you were wrong, and not in a strategic way to tap yourself on the back again in some passive-aggressive way?

        Indeed this silly debate with you and your new buddy Dave J was not an “intelligent conversation”. Certainly not like the ones I have had and enjoyed so much with Faye, Farcevalue, John Adams, NotSoFreeMason, Mark Tokarski and many many others. It looked more like the other time you enjoyed your own disruptions and for a trained eye shallow tactics and people just left.

        “Those of you out there reading these words, ask yourself, what is going on here? Is the hatred for JLB so strong that people will now defend and equivocate on the hoaxes, just for the sake of arguing with me?”

        Of course, “hatred”. The lowest form of use of the ad hominem schtick. Who do you think you fool with this John? If you’re so intelligent as you think you are, how come your debating skills and eye for logic are so piss poor?

        What is going on here is that you have a disagreement with other people about a major point in our and our ancestors lives with hundreds to thousands of anecdotal evidence for it (of course, the US Americans “rather stayed in Vietnam and Korea than go back home”, and “why need two legs, just chop one off and say I was hit by a bomb”, no, good alternative!), while you at the same time provide no evidence whatsoever for your claim that “War is a Hoax”. I left the bolding in your thesis out, sorry. I’d rather focus on the evidence.

    2. matti

      I am replying to myself here just to note how things have changed since then. Now we know that Dave J gets triggered by false claims of death and after several very interesting conversations between Dave and Fakeologist and others I can comprehend him much better, In fact, his phrase ‘No one died, no one got hurt’ is a runner, a powerful mantra even and, thanks to Fakeologist’s patience I comprehend Dave’s reasoning behind the spiritual murderer accusation. I still think being triggered on a public forum is not good communication but at least it is clear what happened.

      We can also agree on controlled demolition and strategic relocation being behind what is called war. With that qualification I can comprehend and agree with most of what is meant by the phrase ‘war is a hoax’

      The other change was J. Adams bringing in a news story to show how real things are reported – turns out the story looks very fakey indeed. Quiet John suddenly gets riled up and leaves because fakeologists are doing their thing. Pity, I liked John. Nevermind – live and learn.

  6. xileffilex

    As Dave J says, war is destruction, clearance, relocation. The media controlled civil “war” in Syria is a classic example right in front of our eyes. Controlled demolition to create a film set . e.g.
    Feb 21 2018
    note the cynical use of an immaculately dressed child actor in place of the more usual “White Helmet” acting and hoaxing troupe. Relocation of former residents to Germany or anywhere else in the EU, [especially Germany which has an ageing population, low indigenous birth rate and booming economy], which is also why the Brexit vote in the UK was so inconvenient.

  7. John le Bon

    My comments relate to the call beginning about 50m into the recording i.e. when Gaia introduced Dave J.

    One of the best and most illustrative audiochats I have been party to thus far — although, as usual, I think the value of this call will only be apparent to those with the ability recognise and appreciate the meta aspects of what transpired. Certain people are capable of productive conversation and seek it out, whereas others are capable only of pointless argument (which they also seem to seek out).

    Dave J, like a tornado, made an absolute mess of Gaia‘s house-of-cards epistemological framework. If you can’t know anything, then why should you be wasting anybody’s time arguing with them about anything? Those are your own words, Gaia: you ‘can’t know anything’ so you don’t anything, so stop wasting the time of the other call participants and the audience with your contrarian/post-modernist nonsense.

    Then Phil decided to waste everybody’s time with go-nowhere figure-eight semantics. Even when it was politely pointed out to him that he had asked the same question (and been given the same answer) five or six times, he continued to distract and divert conversation. Is he playing games or is he simply handicapped? To this day I do not know.

    What I do know is this: Phil, this is your final warning. Ruin conversation like that again when I am present and I will have to ask you to leave the call. If you fail to do so, I will leave the call myself. Make sure you understand what I am saying here before attempting to converse with me via Discord again in the future. You are disrespecting myself, other members of the call, and the audience, by asking the same questions over and over again and stifling conversation. It will be tolerated no longer.

    I liked Justsayindude‘s contribution (apart from his misrepresentations of what I was saying, which may well have been an honest misunderstanding, so no biggie). His reflection on the stories he has been told about conflict in the past did add to the call. As I tried to explain several times, I don’t pretend to know what did ‘happen’ at the times and places now described as the location of ‘war’, and I pity anybody who believes that we can ‘know’ specifically what did ‘happen’.

    It seems as though somebody has convinced Faye that it is okay for her to talk over others and dominate the conversation with drawn-out rhetorical flourishes which do not actually address the topics at hand. She can consider herself on the same final warning as Phil in this regard: if you want to converse with me on the Fakeologist server, do so respectfully and constructively, otherwise do not attempt to do so at all.

    John Adams was a nice addition at the end, as was his desire to engage in genuine conversation rather than look for a petty semantic arguments. The gulf in conceptual intellectual ability between John and certain other callers was brought into stark contrast. Like chalk and cheese. I got more out of five minutes of talking to JA than I did out of half an hour of certain other callers asking me inane and pointless questions.

    Rollo was good by Rollo standards. Those who enjoyed this call ought to thank Rollo because he seemed to be the instigator of it all. I hereby offer my own thanks to Rollo, because overall I enjoyed the call (especially the part with Dave J) and feel like I have gained some insight from it. Cheers, Rollo. And as always thank to Ab for facilitating the call here at Fakeologist.com.

    My main takeaway or departing comment from this call?

    There are those who are genuinely interested in constructive conversation, and then those who either not capable of it, or just not interested in it. The cream rises to the top, time and again. War is a hoax, and anybody who would waste time on the Fakeologist Discord server (of all places) arguing (or otherwise equivocating) about this fact is a clown, a fool, or a charlatan.


    1. vexman

      Well, that’s quite a strong statement for a sofa-researcher – war is a hoax. How would you possibly know anything about wars, without any personal experience, commenting on it from distant Australia which has never seen any major conflicts? I too have learned many things about crypto-jewish clique (Hitler/Hiller included) and don’t believe in many official narratives of, for instance, WWII. But I can tell you a couple of things which completely negate your idea of “war is a hoax”.

      For one, I had my grandfather fighting in a local partisan squad against Germans in Yugoslavia from 1941-45. He had a nasty scar on his leg, a bullet entering and exiting his muscle tissue, outing him for several months from combat. I asked him before he died, if he ever shot any Germans and he replied with a bitter grin on his face, saying: “You wouldn’t ever want to know that”. So, war casualties and people shooting at each other are very real.

      I have another relative involved in a major war, my great grandfather who went missing on the eastern front in WWI. So there is another personal account where I can negate the idea of “war is a hoax” meme. In addition, since I mostly trust in primary sources such as physical evidence, trustworthy witnesses and similar, I went to personally examine what was left behind.

      In my small country and in particular in my town, I can take you on a tour where you can still see some leftovers – anti-tank trench network or notorious war-prisoners camp site, some mass graves of victims executed in retaliation for killing a single German officer, etc… Then there is a huge territory of WWI fighting zone located in high-mountain area in the west as well. I want to share with you some of my field work findings related to WWI you are possibly wondering about:

      For the perspective of the area where the south-western battlefield front used to be, 2 short videos, you can quickly click through:
      – 20min video showing one of the six outdoor museums, with trenches, bunkers dug out of solid rock high up in the mountains, etc.
      “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_fzmkQjo2I” (I’ve put quote marks deliberately into the web address, so it wouldn’t get linked here, same is below)

      – 4min video of one small part of the Slovenian WWI battleground, mount Kolovrat:

      If you take a look at the 1st video, you’ll be able to get the sense of battlefield proportions. It covered a huge area of western mountain range in Slovenia, called “Soška fronta” (pronounced as “soshka”), or Battles of the Isonzo a.k.a. the Isonzo Front in the mainstream English version. The front was extending over 90km mainly over the Slovenian territory. I can confirm it as 100% real.

      Then there is a road over the mountain Vrši? (pronounced like “were-she-ch), built by 8,000 – 10,000 Russian POW , starting its construction in the middle of winter 1915. There are at least 2 confirmed mass graves in that particular area, filled with Russian soldiers, where one such grave site has its own Russian Orthodox chapel built by the surviving POW to commemorate their fellow dead. As well 100% real.
      I have been in the area numerous times, walking a part of the so-called “Walk of Piece” through a rather small portion of trenches, exploring some bunkers, touching excavated ammunition, shells, guns and many other items. The sheer volume of these findings, which are sometimes quite sensational even today, suggest that there was really a great number of Italian and Austro-Hungarian army forces fighting in the area. The estimated number of dead Slovenian soldiers (to remind you, Slovenia was a country under the rule of Habsburgs, part of Austro-Hungarian forces) is over 40,000.

      As I’ve already mentioned above, my own great-grandpa was KIA somewhere on the eastern front in WWI, so the body count and the war itself were in my belief very real. Germany was roughly 50x larger, and Russia 100x larger by the population count, with all war waging countries combined, we could be looking at millions of soldier deaths alone, increased by the number of dead civilians throughout the Europe.

      Was it all managed? Undoubtedly, up to a point, with the planned outcome being pushed from the day 1. As much as in the case of our most recent Balkan wars, raging from 1991 onwards, killing and displacing between 250.000 – 500.000 people. Oh, I have almost forgot to mention it – I have witnessed that part of war madness with my own eyes.

      So please be very careful with the choice of your words, John LeBon. War is certainly not a hoax from the perspective of real people dying, which is a fact that can be easily confirmed if you’ll manage to find some time and visit Europe, or many other places on this spherical world. I’d strongly recommend doing it as soon as possible, this “war is a hoax” belief makes you look like a clown.

      1. ab Post author

        Yes my grandfather’s boat was sunk – by someone – and real friends died around him. Most soldiers don’t want to talk about it, but wars are real and so is death. Why they start and continue is where the bullshit starts.

        1. vexman

          I agree. It’s looks foolish in my eyes to comment on a major issue like war without any personal experience or site-research done previously, saying it’s a hoax. But then I get named a clown, fool or a charlatane for saying war is not a hoax? Preposterous for anybody with 3-digit IQ value.

        1. vexman

          There is no authority to confirm any mass grave, but you can do it yourself just as I did. For instance, as listed here en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mass_gra… , which is about my hometown, Wiki counts 11 mass grave sites but I can tell you that 2 biggest are missing from that list, which can be found here en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pe%C4%8D… and here en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barbara_… . As much as there are some facts omitted at these few Wiki entries listed, I can confirm what is written to be true. In fact, I have some doubts about the estimate of the victim count, which is probably much higher. We are literary walking over the graves and it’s still a taboo issue to talk about. You don’t have to believe any of it, but I invite you and anybody else doubting to do a tour of such sites.

          1. xileffilex

            Wikipedia … OK, what will I expect to see? I went to Auschwitz many many years ago, which has a few taboos surrounding it.

            1. gaia

              That is the danger, and in my view part of the, intended effect of this mass harassment by the media about staged shootings, manufactured massacres and psychological warfare; taking a proven false event as “evidence” that every other event must therefore be false too.

              It would be like claiming car crashes don’t happen because they also stage them.

              Ab’s friend was not televised in days long indoctrination programs, still he crashed and died.

              In my view the big stories are mostly staged to hide the real ones that are hardly talked about.

              What wartime does on top of peacetime, is create a license to kill. Murder and destruction are essentially legalized by war. To think that is not used to enforce fear and create social scare on top of staged events, I think is not a strong idea.

              And also the War on Drugs, it is of course controlled and made into a War FOR Drugs, but does that mean nobody gets arrested or fined for drug possession and trade, so a “hoax”?? Preposterous claim.

              A couple of “war-like” genocides have (not) been looked at from a Fakeologist point of view:

              1845-50 – Kham, delcroix and Rollo on the Irish holocaust

              1846-56 – Highland holocaust

              1932-33 – Cluesforum – Holodomor

              1945 – Vexman – Ko?evski Rog massacre

              1982 – This American Life – Dos Erres massacre, Guatemala

              More and more are added everyday at Fakeopedia

              Do the ones who just shout, without providing evidence, that “War is a Hoax” think that at all these less-heard-of events nobody died, it’s just all stage play??

                1. John le Bon

                  @Xileffilex: LOL!

                  Good work. That entire photo collection is comedy gold.

                  Like something out of Wag the Dog.

                  Some of my favourites:

                  Picture #4: Balda milk: when tears won’t flow, Balda will!

                  Picture #6: ‘Mopping up’ trololol.

                  Picture #17: Approximately 17 people killed for picture number 17. Reports suggest that when the killing took place, the match was tied at 17-17 with only 17 seconds left on the clock.

                  Picture #20: Those blocks of concrete are more convincing evidence than real bodies ever could be.

                  Anybody want to step up and defend this utter nonsense? Anybody want to bear false witness to death and say that this is not a HOAX?

                    1. gaia

                      What about this one, Elon Le Bon?

                      “It looks so real, so it must be fake”?

                      Soviet tank rams into a building – Warsaw Pact invasion in Czechoslovakia, 1968

                  1. xileffilex

                    I asked your opinion, Vexman and you gave it, seemingly to equivocate, real in parts, if I might paraphrase. Which parts is the question.
                    Well, I hadn’t seen those 20th anniversary photos at the time and now they look indistinguishable from staged photos from every other fake media event analysed here.
                    As I said at the time, even skulls, skeletons, bones can be arranged to created the right mood, as indeed they were in Libya.
                    We know nothing but we can extrapolate from every other in-your-face hoax like Sandy Hook, Boston, 9/11, 7/7 , Lockerbie, indeed pretty much every other disaster or terror event.
                    I asked your opinion because you were close to it. I had an open mind, albeit somewhat suspicious, but it seems to be closing in one direction based on what I subsequently see and read.

            2. vexman

              You completely ignored my suggestion to inspect at least one mass grave site yourself. But it’s good that you went to see Auschwitz site, because there is a very significant difference between Auschwitz and i.e. Huda Jama (or any of the sites listed in my Wiki link above). There will be no mass grave site ever found at Auschwitz, proven to be full of skeletons, each with a bullet hole and a wire wrapped around their wrists. It’s like I have said before – not everything is a lie just because it has it’s entry at Wikipedia. Some things published there ring true, then you have to do your homework in order to come closer to the truth itself.

              Here is another link, from one of the first local activists who wanted to excavate all similar sites – Marko Štrovs, his blog is here strovsmarko.blogspot.si/2013/1… . Unfortunately, it’s in Slovenian, but you can google-translate the page to read the details. Here you can read about the Huda Jama in English, with pictures as well, issuu.com/znanstvenazalozbaff/… . I can confirm this two sources as 100% true, in addition to Wiki entries where tons of details are omitted. All 3 together provide you with enough leads to follow and learn about the truth from many sides.

      2. John le Bon

        Let’s get one thing straight: War is a hoax.

        If you are here to spread fear and convince people that the ‘elite’ are blood-thirsty murderers, then you are a fear-pusher, and contributing to the very problems you claim to despise. Fear is a powerful emotion which does terrible things to people, and when you deny that war is a hoax, you are helping to spread fear.

        You tell a story of your grandfather not even answering your question. You asked him if he shot teh bad guys, and he said, ‘you don’t want to know’. No, you don’t want to know that the ‘heroes’ of the ‘war’ were nothing of the sort. In some ways your grandfather did you a favour, shielding you from a truth you were not yet ready to hear.

        As I’ve already mentioned above, my own great-grandpa was KIA somewhere on the eastern front in WWI

        Or maybe he decided he was happier not coming home. Have you considered that possibility? Are you able to consider such a possibility?

        Germany was roughly 50x larger, and Russia 100x larger by the population count, with all war waging countries combined, we could be looking at millions of soldier deaths alone, increased by the number of dead civilians throughout the Europe.

        Now you are bearing false witness to mass murder. This is not a smart thing for any good man to do. How would you know how many people died as a result of the so-called ‘war’? The same ‘historians’ who tell you that muh 6 million perished in muh ovens? Their entire field has been discredited and yet you parrot their words here. Why?

        V2 rockets are a complete and utter joke, laughable and silly, and anybody who takes the time to look into them for himself will see this. From there the entire charade of war will unravel before one’s eyes. Would you storm a beach in the face of certain death? No, not even a foolish man would do so. And yet you believe the images imprinted on your mind by the telescreen.

        The world is a beautiful place, and there is no reason for any good man to be afraid. If somebody offers you money to go to another country to kill people, then perhaps you ought to fear the consequences of taking them up on their offer. But nobody here is doing this now, so we have nothing to fear. We are discussing myths and it is high time you stopped spreading fear.

        War is a hoax. Period.

        1. vexman

          Is all you have just further dissemination of my statements? What about the pictures and evidence from all provided links above, will you simply ignore them? When will you finally present some evidence of your ‘war is a hoax’ meme? Do you have anything substantial to offer here at all or are we going to wonder around your philosophical wonderland?

          I’m certainly not spreading any fear by being a realist. Those things I talk about, were mostly checked by my own eyes. Which is a big difference between you and me, John. So don’t you go lecturing me about hoaxes of wars from your distant continent, when you have never experienced air strike alarms, smell of sulphur and gunpowder and seen craters or crippled people by land mines. I walked around Sarajevo in 1999 and have seen the devastation which only madness of war can produce. Are you saying that was all manufactured and acted? Are you saying nobody died in all those places I verified as real? Have you completely lost your reason?

          I don’t want to address other issues you brought forward as I don’t need to prove nothing further. It’s your turn. Until you show something meaningful to support your ‘war is a hoax’ idea, I’ll rest my case. Do your homework properly, what you have presented here so far is worthless as an argument for any meaningful debate.

          1. John le Bon

            I’m certainly not spreading any fear by being a realist.

            You are not being a ‘realist’, you are being a parrot, and whose stories are you parroting? The very ‘historian’ establishment who you already know are liars!

            You are parroting the claims of known liars, and in doing so you are bearing false witness to mass murder.

            I don’t want to address other issues you brought forward as I don’t need to prove nothing further.

            I bet you don’t want to address my points.

            V2 rockets. Look them up. Have a good laugh. It is all a joke.

            From there the entire charade falls apart before one’s eyes.

            1. vexman

              Guys like you are causing unimaginable damage to the already weakened community of awaken people around the world. Regardless of anything good that came out of your pay-to-learn-the-truth website.

              Your bet is gone. No wonder, since it had 0 probability to win. Which makes you a kind of a gambler every serious money-making gambler wants to have around in the game. Rather stick to your shtick. It will be time and money better spent.

              You have not addressed one single point from all written about physical evidence left from Europe’s battleground. So I want to stick with the birds section of ad hominem insults you’ve introduced. I’m envisioning a bigger-than-average ostrich. So I reckon you’re doing an excellent job after all.

              1. John le Bon

                “Guys like you are causing unimaginable damage to the already weakened community of awaken people around the world.”

                Jeffrey C said it best: “You’re hurting the truth movement!”

                He, like you, was making a fool of himself, pushing the idea that there exists such a community. There doesn’t.

                I submit as evidence the fact that even on the premier (in my opinion) website for discussion of media fakery, there now apparently exists a majority of users/visitors who do not believe it is okay to call out hoaxes for what they are: hoaxes.

                What kind of community can be harmed by a man who who presents his evidence and asks that other people do the same? Certainly not a community centred upon the truth, that’s for sure.

                You speak of ‘physical evidence’ from what is called ‘world war 2’ and yet there exists none. Any ‘battleground’ today is tampered with, any photo from the time of the alleged event is surely suspicious.

                All we have is the simulacram, as Baudrillard would say. The images and stories presented to us real, in place of the real, which most people accept as real — because more people are lemmings.

                Do you ever wonder why, at the beginning of The Matrix, Neo is shown opening a hollowed-out copy of Baudrillard’s ‘Simulacra and Simulation’? Baudrillard also wrote ‘The Gulf War Did Not Take Place’.

                Baudrillard was not imprisoned, he was not silenced; in fact he was celebrated. The clues are even left for us in Hollywood films. This is not a ‘secret’, and nobody is coming to get us.

                War is a Hoax. Plain and simple. Any ‘community’ of people who cannot handle this fact is not a community which is any sane, objective, rational man would want to consider himself part of.

        2. dante

          “Would you storm a beach in the face of certain death? No, not even a foolish man would do so. And yet you believe the images imprinted on your mind by the telescreen.”

          reminds me of the ant hill dilemma in Paths of Glory…may have to revisit that soon. used to be my favorite war flick.

  8. davieb

    man that gaia guy is irritatating
    guy just loves to argue, never says anything

    I put one pic of tony blair and one pic of tony abbot on pictriev and I got 75% similarity
    that in my experience is good enough for me that the two individuals are the same guy
    pictures are very photoshopped so to get 75% is very good probability that the two guys are the same guy

    1. John le Bon

      man that gaia guy is irritatating
      guy just loves to argue, never says anything

      Yep. He said it himself: he ‘doesn’t know anything’. He is not interested in knowing. Just wants to argue for the sake of arguing, like all small minds do.

      Gaia could, if he chose to do so, reevaluate his current framework and decide to implement improvements. This would require dropping the ego and the other mental baggage he is carrying around.

      I personally hope he does so, because there is something which I still find very likeable about him.

    1. John le Bon

      If you told me three years ago:

      “In three years you will be on a Fakeologist audiochat and find yourserf agreeing with Dave J more than the regular Fakeologists”

      I might have figured you were playing funny-buggers.

      And yet, here we are.

      Dave J understands (and does not mince words concerning) the War Hoax and the History Hoax. He gets it. He has put his own material out there for others to inspect. He has not asked anything from anybody.

      He and I could have had a good conversation about what follows from understanding that War and History are Hoaxes.

      Instead we were weighed down by egomaniacs who believe that their own MIS-understanding of reality is more deserving, of attention and airtime, than the exploration which can and ought to follow genuine understanding of reality.

      Normally I do not like to see black belts embarrass yellow belts, but Gaia asked for it and got what he asked for. Dave J taught him a thing or two. I can only hope he has learned his lesson.

      Maybe next time I visit the Fakeologist Discord server I will be joined by others who would like to have productive conversations about what follows when one understands the History Hoax and the War Hoax, rather than egomaniacs who want to argue about things they already claim to agree about.

      In the meantime I will have those kinds of conversations with the members of my own site, where we convene once per week for a members-only call to discuss these very kinds of things, and nobody wastes anybody else’s time with juvenile repetition of questions which have already been answered, or contrarian/pomo ‘there is no truth’ nonsense.

      Dave J would be more than welcome in such a call. Certain Fakeologists have a long way to go before they are ready.

  9. Henkus

    Wow what a WAR on words.
    JLB -100
    Gaia + 100

    Had to stop @ 2 hours.
    It is just unlistenable……

    So is ‘unlistenable’ actual engrish?
    Does it matter?
    To MIE it means somsing difurunt.


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