No agenda prefers death stories

like this is one of the very few places in the media world that supports the positive idea that the US government or evil forces do not kill, torture, or maim its own citizens. This may be naive or delusional to some, but without proof otherwise from their media, it’s the most likely scenario. Why does everyone else, including Adam (@34:00) and John (@48:00), leading 0;conspiracy” podcasters (that I support), continue to want to be live that their government is willing to sacrifice a few citizens for its evil ways?

Show us the proof, go claim $100,000 reward, and we will reexamine our position.

Otherwise, you’re complicit in spreading fear porn, which is a danger to public health.

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2 thoughts on “No agenda prefers death stories

  1. ricky

    That’s the million dollar question isn’t it Ab. I’m speculating that it may signal a shift of strategy by our controllers. I’m sensing a “moving of the goal posts” behind the scenes, a shifting of fronts from television to the internet in a wholesale manner. How much these internet content providers are witting or unwitting is up to each individual to decide. With someone like Alex Jones, of course it’s patently obvious. I do believe this present hoax represents a dividing line in that context.


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