Save YouTube videos?

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Quick poll: does anyone watch the (removed) YouTube videos I post here? If so, is there any interest in me serving the videos at my expense so they don’t disappear?

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8 thoughts on “Save YouTube videos?

  1. Carys

    Yes. Will contribute some cashy money to support this too. It’s not just the channels being taken down rapidly by YT. There’s a lot of wisdom and insight being shared by many followers in the comments sections too. But familiar commenters, with no video content of their own, are also being banned, and all their remarks (no matter how benign) are disappearing overnight. Truth/opinion = hate speech?

  2. gaia

    I grab videos that I deem important, but grabbing all would push it in terms of file sizes.

    The new narrative seems to be (also your “list of psyops” YT video) to take down any video that talks about psyops, hoaxes or staged events as “harassment”…

    How can a full life indoctrination with lies by the media not be “harassment”, but those who expose that suddenly are turned into “harassing”?

    Only in an Orwell’s Newspeak World where “freedom is slavery”…

  3. John le Bon

    I think this is a terrific idea and it has my full support. There are companies such as Vimeo which will provide you with practically unlimited video hosting for about $200/year. Here is why I think it is worth it:

    1) You won’t have to worry about previous posts/discussions becoming unintelligible to future readers. Without the video there, some of these posts/discussions will make no sense, which diminishes their utility to future visitors.

    2) It will allow a compendium of removed/’banned’ video to be scrutinised by those who might like to do so. What is about these videos that is getting them ‘banned’ from YouTube?

    If you decide to go ahead with this idea, I can hereby guarantee $50 worth of LTC or XRP from JLB. That is a quarter of the cost of a Vimeo account right there.

    1. ab Post author

      Good comment. I won’t be accepting crypto so I will happy to accept your Aussie PayPal dollars. The trick will be to catch the YouTube videos before they’re snatched.

  4. ricky

    Many times I’ve already seen the videos before you post them, but I’ve been around awhile and regularly frequent the blogs and you-tube channels that have been suggested. For people new to “Fakeology” it may be different. I will offer support either way.

  5. Faye

    Maybe from now on it would be good to preserve the videos but backwards i find the effort to big. thanks for asking.


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