FAC434-Ab, Sharky, Gaia

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New voice Sharky thinks Fakeologist is not helping, Gaia tells us he’s leaving discord.

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6 thoughts on “FAC434-Ab, Sharky, Gaia

  1. xileffilex

    Gaia has made a welcome start on the Lusitania psy-op at Piece of Mindful

    Here one finds all the usual staged events which have continued to this day. Why change a winning ‘black box’ script?

    The coffins in the mass grave [we never see a body, ever, naturally]


    And the story warmed up for the 100th anniversary in 2015
    Remembering the Lusitania: One passenger’s remarkable story of survival

    Standard narrative constructs, involving dead babies [check] and miraculous survivals [check]

  2. ricky

    @ Terran, that’s a terrific synopsis of the competing narratives that most people wrestle with once they break through the mainstream perspective. The notion that the people creating these made for TV movies understand it’s just a grand hoax where no one gets hurt or killed comports with my personal observations. I’ve stated on previous threads my cousin is close friends with a Hollywood insider, I know him and his wife and have spent quite a bit of time interacting over the last 25 years, I considered them friends and still do. They were helpful and supportive when my cousins’ husband died two years ago, my point is, through good times and bad they’ve been as good of friends as you would hope for. I’m not sure someone involved in mass murder would exhibit the compassion and friendship I’ve witnessed over all these years. How they absolve those issues is beyond me and if they have been acting all these years, then I hope they roast in hell, you never know what dark alleys this “waking up business” might take you down.

    1. Terran Downvale

      I think I may have overcomplicated things in my comment. I’d just like to ask Sharky and Gaia if they don’t believe the official story and do agree that there was foreknowledge of the event as evidenced by media foreshadowing, do they really still think actual death would be involved? Did Matt Groening really have no say in the infamous 9/11 magazine cover in that Simpsons episode or was he in on the joke? Or maybe the whole thing just a meaningless coincidence along with all the other alleged 9/11 foreshadowing we’ve uncovered in the media? This is important because there appears to be a big humor element to all of this, which to me spells “practical joke.” And no one is ever intended to die from a practical joke, even super-scary ones!

      Your instincts about your friend seem sensible. I imagine that those involved in these world stage events have some level of knowledge about how the world works that is more or less inconceivable to us average outsider folk. I suspect that before being brought on board (if not simply born into this way of life and realm of knowledge), they are told/shown something very important about the way the world REALLY works. Something we cannot even imagine. Something that drastically changes everything about their perspective in a way that doing something like this actually makes sense in some way. I’m not attempting to excuse it, but I do think there MUST be more to the story than what we can only imagine and conceive of from our perspective.

      I think trying to apply what we would see as rational or understandable in terms of their motivations to “keep quiet” and create such an event in the first place is one of our biggest follies. And if we ever did manage to confront one of these “bastards” in a way where they could not simply elude us through denial, I think the first thing they’d at least want to say to us is “You have no idea. There’s no way you could possibly understand what is going on here.”

      1. gaia

        Terran, I see most merit in the (almost -the towers still collapsed-) whole hoax idea too. As you explained it makes the most sense. And of course if the alternative is mass murder (Alex Jones fearmongering style). But there may be in-betweens, we cannot know for sure.

        There were 4 major psyops changing the course of modern (US American) history:
        – Sinking of Lusitania (1915) -> World War I
        – Attack on Pearl Harbor (1941) -> World War II
        – Gulf of Tonkin incident (1964) -> Vietnam War
        – 9/11 (2001) – Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and as spin-off Syria

        All the other three were staged far from the public eye, safely at sea in the Atlantic Ocean, an island in the Pacific or some gulf in Vietnam.

        9/11 stands out for being cockily staged in the heart of the biggest city of the country. The complexity of the logistics was huge. The amount of people that needed to be controlled as well. The fact what we have been presented with on TV, a movie, does of course not mean that in the real mess of that day there were absolutely no people who died. Like firefighters, other emergency people, bystanders several blocks away who inhaled the asbestos-ridden cloud, etc. It is one thing to evacuate the towers themselves in the 8 years between 1993 and 2001, it is another to completely control every single street and apartment building in an x mile radius (how far does that dust/debris travel) in New York City. But those people will not be shown on the puppet show the TV is. Or in other media.

        And of course even that those 4 his-story changing psyops were staged, the effect of them was that real people died. Which makes Groening, Wachowskis, Supertramp and the Back to the Future crew (to just name the obvious ones with many others more) still complicit in the “””false flag””‘ element of that event. False flag as in staging something and using it as a pretext for war, not the half-truth narrative of mass murdering your own citizens.

        The Afghanis, Iraqis and Syrians wouldn’t have suffered (died, displaced) neither would the duped US American soldiers have been traumatized, injured and killed if it weren’t for that movie 9/11…

  3. Terran Downvale

    I understand what Sharky is saying about proposed alternative Fakeologist narratives having a repelling effect on “normal people.” But with 9/11, I still think we can engage in some reasonable logical speculation about what sort of thing likely did happen, as opposed to the official story we’ve been told. I think we can all agree by the abundant “predictive programming” or foreshadowing in the media years and even decades before the event that there was some kind of secret foreknowledge being revealed for whatever reason. So if certain people knew this event would take place, is this something they thought would involve people actually being killed or injured? Much of the foreshadowing has a humorous element to it, so these people “in the know” would have to be horribly sick-minded to make such cheeky 9/11 references!

    Doesn’t it seem more likely that they instead knew it was all just a game? A psyop where no one would get killed or hurt? Since this foreshadowing is found primarily in the entertainment industry then a future “Hollywood production” taking place on the world stage is something they would potentially support and get very excited about. These are people with a passion for creating “fake reality” onscreen, so the ultimate pinnacle of this pursuit would be such a “world stage” production. They get to be part of the elite “behind the scenes” crew creating the grand blockbuster psyop. What could be more thrilling for an egocentric, creative person with loose morals? The alternative would be that they are all sick psychopaths who gleefully participated (if only indirectly) in plans to mass murder of their fellow humans. Which possibility makes more sense to you? This is just one reason why the “no deaths” theory makes the most sense to me (I can think of a couple other important ones as well).

    Sometimes people who agree that no one was actually deliberately murdered in the event will still hold out the possibility of accidental deaths during the production. Why? Just because something seemingly “violent” happened (the Twin Towers collapsing), why should we assume ANYONE would be at risk of accidentally dying or getting hurt? If such a thing were planned decades in advance (which appears likely from the predictive programming), then wouldn’t EVERY precaution be taken beforehand to ensure it all went off without a hitch? Wouldn’t every possible problem be accounted for, including “asbestos exposure” and the like? Of course it would! That is unless you think those who planned this and assisted in carrying it out were evil homicidal psychopaths instead of just egocentric creative types who get off on fooling people.

    I think what you accept as an alternate scenario to the official story really depends on what you think of people and how their minds and feelings work. Does, for instance, Simpsons creator Matt Groening strike you as someone who would joyously poke fun at the future mass murder of his fellow humans? Or does it just seem like the kind of person who’d enjoy being tangentially involved in the creation of a giant practical joke played on the entire world? So while as non-insiders, we have no way of knowing precisely what did happen that day, we can generally and I think reasonably assume it was at least something more along the lines of a Hollywood production than an evil, sadistic mass murder.

    That said, there is one way where I can conceive of “people actually dying” in 9/11, but that goes into something VERY strange and “outside the box” that is not generally accepted within the realm of discussion here at Fakeologist. It basically has to do with the possible true nature of our reality itself, the different kinds of people taking part in it and whether ANYTHING that happens here is even technically “real” when it comes down to it. Similar to the “life is a simulation” theory but not exactly the way this has been popularly proposed by the likes of Neil deGrasse Tyson and Elon Musk. Something “spiritual” that also doesn’t conform to the ideas proposed by organized religion or popular new age philosophies. But as I said, that’s not something we talk about here. Right? 😉

  4. xileffilex

    Good chat again.,
    A few points
    Death and injury are always more newsworthy, than ‘a small earthquake in Chile, not many dead”
    type stories. , hence the constant manufacture of these fake stories to keep the MSM rolling and the idiots scared something might happen to them.

    Citing death indices is however a waste of time imho. In fact the 9/11 “SSDI” seems to be a paper trail going nowhere, other than to confuse further.

    It’s probably better to focus on smaller events. e.g in England/Wales all deaths are publicly recorded. We can find, for example, deaths for every one of the 7/7 vicsims online, and many of them have verifiable probate, since property/capital was owned in their former lives and needs to be transferred to whomever, whether it be relatives or their new identities.
    Then we can scale up or back to larger events. I just don’t see the possibility of introducing “real deaths” into the script although I understand Gaia’s belief that there may be ‘collateral’ damage which would need to be bundled up with all the fakery. The evacuation procedures would have to be watertight but once again, scaled up from all the other smaller explosion and collapse drills which also take place in watertight, controllable, sterile scenes.
    Here’s one from yesterday in the UK, for example, a slam dunk daringly staged event with 4 fake deaths reported already

    The paperwork for a death can be faked at the stroke of a pen. For example, an array of real doctors was wheeled out for the Pulse nightclub “shooting”, and similarly after the Boston smoke bombing. If these professionals can lie about whom they treat, it won’t come very hard for them to sign off a death so that the inquest or the fake burial can be set in motion. Coroners are lawyers and don’t see any bodies, they rely on paid liars to bring the good news to them. The fake deaths they preside over will be recorded at the conclusion of their inquest, which may be in another year from the staged event.

    My research has led me to believe that much reported crime, where perhaps nobody reportedly got hurt, is also fake. My limited experience of court cases was is that they are staged events with actors, in a simlar way to an old TV series in the UK called Crown Court. There is no way on earth that anyone would risk taking these events to court unless the same people were bankrolling both sides, and adding extra layers of interpreters to the learned elite. Something has to mop up all those lawyers being produced by our universities.

    Gaia – what are you doing comparing the “official 9/11 narrative” with the “official flat earth narrative”? Where can I go to for the latter? Not the same sources I hope! I just don’t see Fakeologist.com being swamped by FE speculation. I avoid it, just as I mainly avoid discord because I don’t find it particularly helpful. And if you think discord is FE dominated, then ignore it also.

    Finally, I really don’t think fakeologist.com is a first stop for anyone in the process of waking up to all round media fakery, nobody is coming to it with an open mind. I certainly didn’t. I really can’t believe any back story where people alight here without having interacted with any previous forum/bulletin board.


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