FAC435-Gaia’s North Hollywood Shootout hoax

like this

With Rollo, new voice Zoetic Luna.

North Hollywood shootout shownotes:

Fakeopedia page about this event


Miles Mathis – OK Corral shooting

Click to access ok.pdf

Miles Mathis – Billy the Kid

Click to access billy.pdf

Tyrone McCloskey – Bonnie and Clyde
Vintage Psy-opera: Bonnie & Clyde

Kenton Larsen – John Dillinger

Homer Brickey Jr. – Master Manipulator

Click to access manipulator.pdf

Catcher in the Rye
Is Catcher in the Rye an assassination trigger?

Ted Wolfram’s 47 million dollar fraud

Audiochat where Faye and me break down the Parkland school “shooting“

FAC430-Faye and Gaia on Florida #HRDPAR

<strong>North Hollywood shootout</strong>

Alleged bodies of the bank robbers (note no ski masks and does Phillips -photo1- look like he shot himself?)

View post on imgur.com

44 minutes: The North Hollywood shootout (2003) part of the movie

SWAT team on tennis shoes and in shorts, because they had an exercise when they got the call

North Hollywood – Entry

North Hollywood – Inside
See the security scam photo of the bank robbers inside (note the perfectly fine ceiling, allegedly shot by hundreds of bullets)

North Hollywood – Exit

North Hollywood – Live footage

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