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RIP 2/27/18

If my fairly weak YouTube channel was deleted, I can just imagine my favorite truth or channels will be gone quite quickly. The real story will be which YouTube channels are left standing. That will tell us a lot about who isn’t telling the truth.

I’m now paying to host videos on the WordPress platform. Let’s see how that works out. If you have any videos that you think I should host send me an email with a transfer.sh link.

I may have backed up my channel just in time… repeat after me Google is not evil Google is not evil.

Clearly the latest hoax exposure is hitting hard and the enemy is scared. They’re running out of lies.

The more I think about this the happier I am that YouTube is booting all the . Finally we may have some innovation in the video sharing and playing software development. One thing that monopolies do is they stifle development and if all the truthers are busy trying to get seen then maybe we’re going to have some work done to create an alternative to YouTube.

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6 thoughts on “Fakeologist YouTube dead

  1. Rollo

    Well Done “JewTube” Sloppy “Hogg” did his Job! ….. A Nice Big SHOUTOUT to David Hogg from “Uncle Rollo” at Fakeologist.com …Maybe when you take over from Anderson “Pooper Scooper” Cooper you’ll have learned to read an autocue.

  2. ricky

    Good comments all around, I got a chuckle out of “Info Wars” being threatened as well, the latest is “Youtube walking that one back, what a surprise!! The writing was on the wall when channels started being denied ad revenues due to “controversial” content/aka truth seeking.@Gaia, you make a great point regarding the trauma being induced into the minds of young people, that is the most despicable element to these hoaxes, but they go back a long way. I’m 65, when I was six years old we had drills in school to prepare for a nuke attack, “duck and cover” as it was called, six years old in the crash position, preparing to be incinerated. They have to start you young, no wonder so many of our friends and family can’t break free.

    1. gaia

      Respect for you, elder Ricky. We got part of it in school in the 80s too.

      This whole Nuke Hoax fearmongering (I even was “protesting” them when I was just an innocent toddler on my dads shoulders) was huge. Ricky, you have more than 25 years of life experience more than me…

      Culminating in the Chernobyl one in Europe, at least.

      For me, personally, finding out the “positive, we can do” arm of the “Cold War” was fake (space travel) was a hit to me. Finding out the other “negative, we can destroy” arm was fake (Nukes) was a relief. How fecking insane is that programming; the most amazing positive and the most amazing negative “achievements” of mankind being staged at the same time…and for the same purpose…?

      Confuse and conquer.

    1. gaia

      “It looks like all the sloppy Hogg interviews was a psy-op within a psy-op to set up a mass youtube purge of real truth channels”

      True. That is what looks like the latest project.

      “Funny” that the mass media are never called out for “harassment”. Apparently pumping the most gruesome massacres and massive cruelty into (young) innocent heads on Valentine’s Day as if it were true is not harassment, but those exposing it suddenly are hare-assing.


  3. John le Bon

    You join the illustrious company of three well-known, straight-as-an-arrow, died-in-the-wool, honest-as-the-day-is-long, top-shelf researchers who have had their channels hounded and deleted by YouTube many times over:

    Jeffrey C

    Gone but not forgotten.

    Seriously though, sorry to hear about your channel being deleted. I imagine it must be a crappy feeling, because it is not just the videos and and views, but the comments as well. All gone.

    It appears that covering the Baby Hoaxes may be risky business. I don’t personally take seriously any of the other YouTube ‘truthers’ who complain about being terminated by YouTube, but I take your claims on face value, so now I am coming around to the idea that maybe YouTube really are deleting channels for discussing the latest Baby Hoax.

    They once gave me a ‘community guidelines’ strike for covering a Baby Hoax. I can’t remember if it was the Ariana Grande hoax or a different one, but the strike was applied months after the event (and the offending video) and was only lifted a few weeks ago (it was a three-month strike). This is one of the reasons I have done no livestreams for months now.

    I’ve been hosting my own videos on my website for close to 18 months. YouTube could shut me down tomorrow and it would not stop me doing what I do. Good on you and anybody else who decides to host their own videos and create their own micromedia platforms. It has never been easier to share our ideas with other people all around the world, and sitting around complaining about YouTube is insane when we have so many other options.



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