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As Youtube revises history, we can try and restore it.

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0;911 ACTORS” removed from Youtube

My video “911 ACTORS” was removed two days ago from my Youtube channel for some unspecified “inappropriate content”.
Of course, my “SYNCHED OUT” video was removed (twice) from my YT channel several years ago, as described in this thread.
So this is only the third time that my videos have been censored by YT – in more than a decade. Not too bad, I guess…

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3 thoughts on “Synched Out removed from Youtube •

    1. ab Post author

      No it’s a temporary transfer point. I have to take them from there and upload them to the video server.

  1. Faye

    I think to appeal Youtube’s decision demanding clarification about which concrete guidelines were violated by which concrete sequences or texts would make sense. In order to follow their advice to review your video, it should be mandatory for them to supply you with that info.


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