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napoleon wilsonYesterday at 1:44 PM

@TomD27 hi pal

Blue Moon, who used to post here, has placed his book at POM in easier to scrape/index html format. If you think really died that day, then you need to read the book or read the posts as he ins…

I have been looking for Janis Joplin for weeks now, and found her. She became Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now!, an alternative news program funded largely by the Ford Foundation. Want pro…

The Nayirah testimony was a false testimony given before the Congressional Human Rights Caucus on October 10, 1990 by a 15-year-old girl who provided only her first name, Nayirah. The testimony was widely publicized, and was cited numerous times …

delcroixYesterday at 1:58 PM

@Tokarski is too low and @Faye too loud

FayeYesterday at 1:58 PM


delcroixYesterday at 1:58 PM


napoleon wilsonYesterday at 2:00 PM

FayeYesterday at 2:00 PM

Henry John Deutschendorf Jr. (December 31, 1943 – October 12, 1997), known professionally as John Denver, was an American singer-songwriter, record producer, actor, activist, and humanitarian, whose greatest commercial success was as a solo sin…

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 2:02 PM

SilverbeamYesterday at 2:10 PM

I’m in the desert


napoleon wilsonYesterday at 2:13 PM

Koresh is the Biblical name of Cyrus the Great (?????, Kurosh), a Persian king who is named a Messiah for freeing Jews during the Babylonian Captivity. His first name, David, symbolized a lineage directly to the biblical King David, from whom the new messiah would descend. By taking the name of David Koresh, he was 0;professing himself to be the spiritual descendant of King David, a messianic figure carrying out a divinely commissioned errand
Directed by William Gazecki. With Dan Gifford, Clive Doyle, Jack Harwell, Joseph Penno. A reassessment of the tragedy at that left 76 members of the Branch Davidian religious sect dead.

Clive Doyle is still a staunch Branch Davidian loyal to the teachings of David Koresh, whose tiny church outside Waco, Texas, was destroyed in a deadly inferno at the end of a standoff with federal agents 20 years ago.

FayeYesterday at 2:16 PM

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 2:20 PM

ive just found me a brand new box matches
Divided We Stand has 43 ratings and 7 reviews. Erin said: This was a fascinating and eerie read. Published in 1999, reading it in 2017 is like looking at…

mahatma takeover
spliff time

mahatma coatYesterday at 2:32 PM

a friend of time bought this album on vinyl from a charity shop it’s real www.discogs.com/David-Koresh-T…
Label: TPOS – 102 • Format: Cassette Album • Country: USA & Canada • Genre: Rock, Non-Music • Style: Sermon, Religious, Spoken Word, Acoustic



napoleon wilsonYesterday at 2:39 PM


mahatma coatYesterday at 2:41 PM

level 32 is the admitted highest rank in Scottish Rite and UGLE 33 is supposedly an honourary rank.

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 2:42 PM

could be a psi or trident ,this is the dakota building(edited)

mahatma coatYesterday at 2:44 PM

is that building perfectly square?

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 2:44 PM

no its monolith shape

mahatma coatYesterday at 2:45 PM


napoleon wilsonYesterday at 2:46 PM

yes when you understand
it all becomes clear
33 years later gues what happened

FayeYesterday at 2:58 PM

delcroixYesterday at 2:59 PM

levels are still shite on the livestream

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 2:59 PM

dels a producer

delcroixYesterday at 3:00 PM

del is fed up turning it up and down

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 3:00 PM

the zal rule
zal won

delcroixYesterday at 3:01 PM



napoleon wilsonYesterday at 3:02 PM

FayeYesterday at 3:04 PM

It has only been a few years since I bought into this stuff, so I understand how people get sucked in. The assassination was one of the most intensely rabbit-holed events of my lifetime, and th…

Author: Tyrone McCloskey
Author: Maarten Rossaert
Author: steve kelly
Kerry Anderson : The battle of the atlantic
The Prestige is a 2006 British-American mystery thriller film directed by Christopher Nolan from a screenplay adapted by his brother Jonathan from Christopher Priest’s 1995 novel The Prestige. Its story follows Robert Angier and Alfred Borden, ri…

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 3:36 PM


RolloYesterday at 3:37 PM

not sure mark wants to go there but you can unmute and bring that topic up


napoleon wilsonYesterday at 3:38 PM

sex change
CornerShot is a weapon accessory invented by Lt. Col. Amos Golan of the Israeli Defense Forces in cooperation with American investors. It was designed in the early 2000s for SWAT teams and special forces in hostile situations usually involving te…

RolloYesterday at 3:44 PM

we need to get Faye a cough button….just blew my ears out..she can cough round corners

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 3:44 PM

she shot the sherrif

RolloYesterday at 3:45 PM

wow those weapons look nasty

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 3:45 PM

coward weapons x
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