Say goodbye to twins

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Twin towers being demolished – in Canada. This is particularly annoying to me because this coal plant – the most efficient form of electricity production – is being razed to make way for the most unreliable and expensive source of power – wind. Note the times (11/11).

No one ever talks about 0;acid rain” any more in Ontario, despite the fact that coal is still being burned across all wind paths from Ohio and Michigan.

This confirms to me that to start a new (not so profitable) business, you have to blow up an old one. Power was supposed to be a public utility, sold at cost here.


In a matter of seconds, chimney towers which had stood tall over the Lake Erie shoreline for decades were taken down. work at the Nanticoke Generating Station was slated to begin around 8:30 a.m. It was later pushed to 11 a.m. due to concerns about wind direction.

Source: Nanticoke Generating Station towers demolished | CTV London News

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  1. gaia

    If wind mills really would be efficient, I would be all for them. Unfortunately they are among the lowest sources of energy in terms of energetic value. Solar is good, but maybe in that part of Canada not so much. Hydro energy destroys complete landscapes. Geothermal is by far the best and cleanest source and endless. The reason it is so little used.

    All these wind mills are just window (wind-oh?) dressing for the Global Warming scam, the biggest of all the hoaxes we talk about, in terms of money and social engineering.


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