FAK183-Faye with Mark Tokarski on Waco

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Apologies to Faye for not providing a greater promotion of this show. I’ve elevated this audio to Fakeologist show from Audiochat.

Welcome Mark Tokarski from peaceofmindful.com.

With Napoleon Wilson and Rollo.

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9 thoughts on “FAK183-Faye with Mark Tokarski on Waco

  1. Faye

    My apologies to Mark Tokarski for the troubles with the audio and also for my inexperience and excitement. My apologies also to Ab for not asking for his help prior to that interview. My thanks to Napoleon, our moderator, who did his best to enable the talk by all difficulties. For me it was very interesting to get to meet Mark and his research and I am thankful to Ab who enables all this patient and persistent. As Mark has expressed the wish to do another talk on Fakeologist Audio Livestream on April, 19 and I am glad to follow his wish, I look forward to that now and prepare myself for another round of deceptions that need interpretation.

    1. ab Post author

      The content was good. You tried your best so no fault is assigned. Thanks to Napoleon for trying to help.

  2. ricky

    Thanks to Mark for this chat, and also Faye for making it happen. Faye did a great job conducting the interview and making sure we didn’t miss any skipped dialogue.

  3. tokarski

    Thanks to Faye and AB and Napoleon. I wish my part did not cut out as it did. I don’t know why … maybe just bad equipment on my end. That was annoying.

    I wish to emphasize here that even though I have met Miles Mathis and attended his conference, I am not his “friend.” I don’t think he allows himself that pleasure. We are all kept at arm’s length. I admire him and would even like to spend time with him, but he is an isolated individual. He is not connected with me or our blog in any manner. Just to be clear.

    1. ab Post author

      I hope to talk to you soon Mark with a better microphone. I couldn’t do much to boost your audio.

      1. simonshack

        Ab, the audio problems here are multiple :

        Firstly, it seems that Discord streams audio at a very low resolution. Too bad.

        Secondly, Mark’s voice volume was rather low, but his microphone is probably better than Faye’s.

        Faye is louder – but that doesn’t mean her audio is better! Her “s” sounds are a pain to the ear! Too bad, because she evidently has a very mellow and engaging voice.

        Faye, get yourself a better microphone! 🙂

        Anyways, I enjoyed the content of this podcast – and both Faye and Mark shine through as very nice, honest & intelligent / knowledgeable individuals.

        1. ab Post author

          Faye needs a good mic or headset. I believe she uses her laptop built in mic and therefore has a small echo. I believe Mark was using his phone.

    2. tokarski

      We did not have that cutting out problem when we spoke before entering the room … I am not familiar with technical aspects but am open to suggestions on better equipment.

    3. ab Post author

      Mark, further to your post on pom, a good wired internet connection plus boosting your microphone would have solved your sound issue. You were mainly too low. Faye should have told you this beforehand, as others mentioned it in the chat.


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