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  1. xileffilex

    Mass casualty building collapse drill in Dallas this weekend

    hot on the heels of the highly suspicious bridge collapse in Miami

    which quoted from this staged UK event 18 months previously in August 2016
    allegedly caused by a digger on a truck, rather than a “stress test” [suuuure]

  2. Terran Downvale

    I dunno if this necessarily means anything but this suggestive headline just popped up on the Yahoo homepage today:

    You Won’t Believe These Disgusting Things That Happen on Cruise Ships


    Possible priming for a particularly gory psyop? In the featured photo, it looks kinda like the guy’s head is detached from his body and floating in the water. Maybe an ISIS event?

    I see that the Carnival Imagination will be departing from the Port of Long Beach on March 29, the day after the scheduled drill:


    We had some recent “cruise ship terror” foreshadowing in the news:


    And this gory story from a couple years ago aboard the Carnival Ecstasy:


    1. Terran Downvale

      I dunno if this is just a matter of the algorithm feeding me these stories but there was some more cruise line drama on the Yahoo homepage today. This time aboard the Norwegian Epic:


      The idea of passengers falling from tall “ship buildings” recalls the 9/11 jumpers, adding some more possible priming for a future terrorist event?

      This report from Inside Edition goes more into the older story from 2012 of Sarah Kirby who reportedly survived a long fall from a ship. The infrared video of her plummet reminds me a lot of the 9/11 jumper footage:


      Also in the first article, “Code Oscar” is mentioned which is apparently the official alert for “man overboard.” Following last weekend’s Oscars broadcast, could this be a little hint at future “drama and acting” to come?

      Speaking of fictional nautical narratives, I see a remake of the 80s Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russel movie Overboard just happens to be scheduled for release on April 13, a couple weeks after the scheduled drill at the Port of Long Beach:


      In the Wiki entry, it says that the Friday the 13th release date was changed from 4/20, which is an important date for psyops. Here’s the trailer:

      They’ve flipped the gender roles for this remake with the male character being an emotionally abusive bastard which falls in line with the current #MeToo movement (In the previous version Goldie Hawn played the abusive “rich bitch.”).

      I dunno if any of this means anything but I see a number of themes tying together here involving cruise ships, all with this scheduled drill in Long Beach on the horizon. Guess we’ll find out soon enough!

  3. ricky

    Who else but “Carnival Cruise Lines” would be involved in yet another fiasco ? Will they back up the toilets in the staterooms again to force the unsuspecting “victims” into the open to be picked off? @Terran, it does look like Long Beach, no mistaking that natural beauty! Lol!

  4. Terran Downvale

    That looks like the harbor in Long Beach, CA. Ab, can you give a link to the comment thread or POM post where this was mentioned? Thanks.

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