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  1. xileffilex

    From the Washington Post [prop – Jeff Bezos] we can identify a couple of academic gatekeepers
    Feb 21 2018
    “You have the same three or four tropes that get floated again and again,” said Whitney Phillips, a Mercer University professor who studies the relationship between online trolling and mainstream culture. “Its hard to know what is causing it. But as a person who has been studying this a lot, I brace myself for the narrative that I know is about to unfold” each time a shooting occurs.
    the “auto hoax” meme

    and another
    Conspiracy theories around “crisis actors” — feigning grief and working to build support for tougher gun laws — start with a premise that the event never occurred, according to Kate Starbird, a University of Washington professor who runs a lab that tracks the spread of online rumors after disasters. **

    Starbird said her lab has documented both domestic sites and some tied to foreign governments in Russia and Iran amplifying the narratives, including after the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando in 2016.
    “The goal seems to be to want to undermine the collective response to tragedy,” she said. They hark back to “a high-level narrative, which is the media is lying … and you can’t trust anything you see.”

    Oh noes, Kate!

    ** HRDPARs, faked disasters


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