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  1. simonshack

    Dear xilefilex,

    No one was killed on September 11, 2001 in Lower Manhattan – as a result of the WTC complex demolitions.

    Do you agree, in principle, with my above assertion?

    Thanks for clearing this up! 🙂

    1. xileffilex

      Nobody died, either on 9/11 at the WTC, Shanksville and Pentagon as a result of simulated plane crashes, or, so it seems, in all the other suspicious disasters, attacks and crashes before and after 9/11 which I investigate here.

      1. gaia

        I find it a trick question that has become like a meme.

        We don’t know. We don’t even know if someone dies in our own neighborhood on an average Tuesday afternoon.

        To claim “nobody died on 9/11” puts the onus on you to prove nobody died.

        I don’t think people died and Simon and Hoi have made the case the ones presented to us who are said that did die, probably didn’t. But can I prove it? Can I know it for sure? Nope. And neither can anyone of us here.

  2. xileffilex

    Good call. Chris is like a dog with a bone. I like the woman’s answer…we don’t go looking for deaths to register [even though there are 9/11 memorial lists everywhere]
    This is an interesting wiki page about registering deaths without a body [in real cases, rather than staged events] “presumed deaths”
    For the US, individual states have different rules, but…
    [Edgar] Sentell also says, “The element of peril accelerates the presumption of death.” This rule was enacted after the attack on the World Trade Center, so that authorities could release death certificates.
    So, all the funeral parlors, various “loved ones” and so on just couldn’t be bothered to contact the Social Security office about how many hundreds of people who “died” on 9/11?

    So, were death certificates issued for all 9/11 vicsims? Seems so [if the source is to be believed]
    Death Certification
    Total Reported Missing: 2,753 (Note that this number includes the 4 people added to the victims’ list years after the attacks)
    New York City Death Certificates Issued: 2,750
    Non-New York City Death Certificates Issued: 3*
    No Death Certificate Issued: 0

    New York City Death Certificate Breakdown
    DX (Judicial Decree) Certificate Only: 1,114
    DM (Physical Remains) Certificate Only: 412
    Total Physical Remains Certificates: 1,636

    **DM after DX: 1,224
    Total : 2,750

    * Victims were transported to facilities outside of New York, where they later died of their injuries.

    ** The family obtained a DX certificate; later we identified remains and issued a physical remains certificate.


    England and Wales death in absentia
    if the authorities believe there should be an inquest, the local coroner files a report. This may be done to help a family receive a death certificate that may bring some closure. An inquest strives to bring any suspicious circumstances to light. The coroner then applies to the Secretary of State for Justice, under the Coroners Act 1988 section 15, for an inquest with no body. The seven years rule only applies in the High Court of Justice on the settlement of an estate. According to a spokesman for the Ministry of Justice, the number of requests received each year is fewer than ten, but few of these are refused. Without a body, an inquest relies mostly on evidence provided by the police, and whether senior officers believe the missing person is dead.

    So,it’s pretty easy to fake a death with everybody onside in such events as plane crashes.


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