ICE-Las Vegas

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Good round table discussion with Sophia Smallstorm, David Weiss, and a police officer on the Integrated Capstone Event (ICE) held in Vegas and Parkland, Fl.

For some reason the host thinks people died on , Oklahoma, and 7/7. Not sure why he thinks  these events are different.

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7 thoughts on “ICE-Las Vegas

  1. Jack33

    I don’t buy what Sophia says about the media reporters on the scene not knowing these are staged events. They’d have to know.

    Perhaps Sophia’s assignment with regards to these shootings is to keep people from fully realizing the media is owned and operated by intelligence and that 99% percent of what they report is false and fabricated.

    1. gaia

      I don’t know. The higher management of the media corporations are obviously in. But the lower levels I see as just dupes, as much as nurses, fire fighters and others. I know a guy (Dutch journalist) who claimed to have been “present” (like 1 mile away) at the Las Vegas shooting. Obviously he “wasn’t there”, and I don’t understand how he ended up there, but those people just regurgitate the mainstream stories.

      To suggest every individual whorenalist (as we call it in Dutch) is “into the game” is not necessary.

      It’s like that nurse putting the syringe in someone’s body, is she/he evil? Or being duped into some psyop they don’t know about? It is so much easier to rely on duped pawns than to have to control every player in the chess game we’re in….

  2. Jack33

    I think Sophia gives us some valuable information from time to time but I don’t fully trust her. Didn’t somebody out her as an agent a while back?

    I definitely don’t trust David Weiss. He’s that clown who swears he had a buddy die in the staged 9/11 attacks.

  3. xileffilex

    Hmmmm [around 25.00] Sophie Smallstorm thinks the 2003 Santa Monica Farmers Market crash…
    which allegedly killed 10 was a real event because the alleged perpetrator was 86 years old. Suuuure

    3 years later described as 89. Note mild duping by the Deputy DA

    July 16, put it on the hoax calendar.
    The Zal rule is followed loosely, with a TV episode rather than a full feature film [which would I submit be a stretch for any director] based on the staged event.…

    1. gaia

      Hmm, I don’t know about that one, xileffilex…

      The reason Smallstorm gives (haven’t listened to it yet) may be a bit crazy, but:
      – accidents can and do happen
      – not a huge Wiki page

      Countering that:
      – media coverage – but why not in case of a real accident with many people dying
      – release of interrogation video – which should be private I guess, but I don’t know Califonia law at all

      Can be real, what makes you think this was staged? The smoking gun in this story?

      1. xileffilex

        Did you watch the video, gaia? It’s the same old shit. Add an Isis zealot and fast forward to 2018 and everyone would be calling it out. We don’t need a smoking gun or smoking old Buick sedan.
        Try this “retirement story” from the “crash”…
        The McCarthys had moved to Los Angeles from New York eight months ago, and Diana McCarthy had taken a job as a concierge at the Skirball Cultural Center. Her husband was a film producer, and she had also produced films, worked as an interior designer, and sung in her church choir in New York.
        “They were just starting a new life,”

        Neat! And the couple both died IMMEDIATELY. As usual in these hoaxes, along with six others who also died immediately [which didn’t include the baby who wasn’t even mentioned at first]…
        And here comes the hospital part of the drill –
        Up to 45 people were injured, and many are being treated at four
        area hospitals.
        Hospital authorities said the UCLA Medical Center received 13
        patients, with six in critical condition. The Santa Monica-UCLA
        Medical Center received 12 patients, with one in critical
        Teresa McKinn, a 59-year-old resident of Alta Loma, said…
        “I heard a noise … thump, thump, thump

        Makes a change from pop pop pop.

        We have a baby, a young child and cast of other victims approching retirement or past it.…
        The car stopped only after a pedestrian was thrown into the air and landed on the windshield of the vehicle, Butts said.
        Witness Joe Crisman said 10 people lifted the car off a victim, who was still breathing.
        Another witness, Lore Caulfield, said: “It was like a Sherman tank barreling through, hitting everything, just going right over people. He was not only speeding, he was accelerating.”

        Yeah, suuuure

        Same old stuff. Perhaps it was the germ which spawned the more recent truck and vehicle attacks, several of which involved “markets”. Even a copycat “farmers market crash” in New Joysey in 2014, which looks like a get out of jail card staged event. [more police tape, more witness duping….]…

        Fake tears, framed victim photo parade….the “trial” in December 2017…

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