FAC440-John le Bon meets Rollo

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The two top Australian fakeologists talk about the hoax hierarchy. Kham joins towards the end of the broadcast.

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  1. gaia

    Cool you talked about my version of the Hoax Hierarchy (a better name would be Psyop Pyramid, but it’s a triangle). You took the first version I had on screen, now updated with what I think are the two main “hoaxes” of society:

    1 – Newspeak – with that I mean controlled language. In this day and age you can get banned, purged, ostracized or otherwise punished for “not using the correct language”. That is one part of it, the other is deeper; by controlling language, like shaping it, the “powers that shouldn’t be” (thank you Rollo) try to dominate our most basic human interaction; communication. Using language. Hence the importance of our own language (like Kham did in the chat; Culture Creation Researcher -if I remember it right-) and our Glossary of Fakeology terms.
    2 – Money – while money effectively is not a “hoax” -you cannot just go into a store and not pay- the controllers of the Excel sheet making up the money makes it on top. Language and money are the basic tools in life that are both controlled, and it would be wise (and difficult for the money) to just escape from that and create our own society where those things are not controlled top-down (as with the culture Kham pointed out).

    The “war hoaxes” does not mean “war IS a hoax”, but events that are staged during wars. Like Pearl Harbor, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Napalm Girl photo, Gulf War fakery, Lusitania, Reichstag fire, Markale market attack, etc. etc. and that includes the Holocaust Story. The reason for that was that I shared this image on the Dutch forum I was at. Until yesterday I was banned for 3 months for “downplaying the Holocaust”. Back on my feet, stronger with more knowledge and wisdom, the ban started just before Fakeopedia took off, I was shortly commenting to someone saying “glad you’re back, how come you were banned for 3 months”. I didn’t even mention the word but said “I dared to question a so-called mass murder of my own great-grandparents”. Poof, this morning, I made it 12 hours back on the forum, I was banned permanently for “doing the same”. Newspeak again; we decide which words you can use. And of course the Holocaust Story was a huge money scam too. How sick is it to not be able to rightly question a so-called murder of your own fecking family?????

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