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Coming to you from one of the suburban metropolitan melting pots of international culture, outside of one of the multimedia capitals of the world, New York City, the Proper Gander at Propaganda podcast is meant to be a gatekeeping free look at our shared international cultural heritage, our shared social media infused and obsessed present, and what our children and their children could be looking forward to. Please excuse any amateur mistakes you may encounter, your host, AA Morris is not an audio engineer nor am I a trained radio personality. I am just a person who went to art school and who has worked for some of the well known New York City based media companies in the capacity of providing two dimensional and three dimensional animations and graphics for a variety of applications.

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7 thoughts on “Who is AA Morris?

  1. Terran Downvale

    I’m loving these Proper Gander podcasts. Thanks for adding them! I’m in the middle of Episode 4 right now. Morris, if you’re out there, the video about the Zapruder film’s JFK puppet was by Polarization Nation whose channel appears to be another casualty of the YouTube purge. Did anyone happen to save the video? Here’s the Fakeologist post that featured the video. I do believe Dave Johnson may have been the first to suggest JFK was a dummy a couple years ago. My theory about Jim Henson’s possible involvement can be found here. With a plot-thickening follow-up here.

    EDIT: It looks like Polarization Nation has a backup channel. I’m still not sure what to make of this guy with his slick production and now claims of being hacked and threatened. If you read my follow-up post, the timing of his “JFK was a puppet” video seemed a bit curious if the connections to Henson and those flu death stories mean anything. Interesting also that Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz’s mother reportedly died from the flu by way of pneumonia (Mahna-Mahna), which is said to have triggered his downward spiral. Again, these themes seem to tie together in impossibly complex ways!

    1. gaia

      I must say I found it very dubious to analyze some low level film that is false in the first place to “conclude” those were puppet hands and stuff. It was extremely speculative.

      But if it was first suggested by Dave J(ohnson), I am not surprised. A complete lunatic:
      – “war is a hoax” – no evidence for that stance and loads against it, completely not addressed
      – some crazy christian orthodox “God is coming back” beliefs
      – he even concludes the Moon is a hologram (no, really)

      It is quite funny that these research realms attract such a wide variety of people, from mostly sharp (AAMorris) to complete batshit crazy Dave J types. They even may agree on certain points, which makes it even wackier.

      AAMorris also spreads the claim “war is a hoax”. I found that a very unfortunate choice of him and he should reconsider what he says in my opinion.

      If Sandy Hoax is a hoax, and who would deny that here, how the hell can you use the SAME WORD for something as “war”. Controlled, manufactured license to kill time for psychopathic elites who don’t care shit about their tin soldiers, only when they can use them for propaganda purposes and “remember” them.

      But calling all veterans, medical personnel, family members, friends and other direct witnesses of war some “Gene Rosens” and “Robbie Parkers” is truly sad. I seriously question if those people haven’t lost their mind in this sometimes challenging search for (not against) that what would be the truth.

      1. Terran Downvale

        Hey, Gaia. I still intend to reply to your comment over on this thread. Sorry it’s taking me so long. Did you happen to read my comments on the “War Is a Hoax” post? I agree that the idea that no one has ever been killed or injured in the conflicts that are sold to us as “war” is preposterous. However, I do think this may be more complicated than we realize. As I said in that comment, I intend to ask my mother about any direct war violence experiences she may have had. I do want to get to the bottom of this.

        But yes, Dave J has put forth some pretty crazy ideas. I had a bit of a comment battle with him on one of his videos years ago where he tried to tell me an earthquake I actually experienced first hand did not take place! But I’d say that the idea that the “JFK” we see in the Zapruder film is some kind of prop is not such a crazy one. We agree that the film is bogus and does not depict an actual death, right? Well, then it’s just a matter of how this moving image of fake death was produced and a “practical special effect” using a prop puppet/dummy is certainly a reasonable possibility.

        My contribution was to take this idea further and read into some possible disclosure of Henson’s involvement. But this relies on the theory that hints about the truth are intentionally presented to us through the media in symbolic and often humorous ways, which seems to go against what A.A. Morris and most Fakeologists are saying. I see references to “mistakes” in psyop productions and that this is because the perps are “lazy” or “stupid.” I completely disagree with that and think anything that may suggest such a thing is also an intentional misdirection. The creators of these psyops are IMHO artistic geniuses with twisted and, at times, downright sick senses of humor who, for one reason or another, always intentionally reveal their deception as a “rule of the game.” Anyway, I’ll add more thoughts in my reply over on that other thread soon enough!

        1. gaia

          Yes, I liked your Henson angle. If it was indeed a puppet, I think you have a good candidate there and an original thought, not some copy-paste of others (as Kubrick-Apollo is).

          I am just not convinced that the analysis of the crappy footage of Zapruder makes it a puppet. If it is a layered composite, with moving backgrounds and a different foreground, why not use a real actor, with a mask or not, just as easy as a puppet with that resolution.

          On the mistakes or “mistakes” in these psyops; it can be a combination of both. The “nose-out” and the obvious bad crisis actors/media manipulators/culture creationists I see as sloppy. Not “lazy” or “stupid”, but sloppiness is a common characteristic of people at work, especially with such large projects as these psyops are. There is no need for “the perfect murder” if you know you can get away with an imperfect one.

          Next to that there can be obvious clues in there to A) test our intelligence (paper maché prop of the LM), B) just trolling (TRIOMF) and laugh in our faces (Joker Tsarnaev-Boston, A. Frade-London Westminster) and C) to signal to other people (numerology, other clues).


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