FAC441-Faye, Gaia, Ab

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FAC441 Show notes

Faye and Gaia talk about Fakeopedia and 3/11. Ab says the hoax/footage is a goldmine of fakery.


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5 thoughts on “FAC441-Faye, Gaia, Ab

  1. gaia

    The 3/11 with 9/11 link we made in the show becomes clear with the same Nuke Hoax topic we discussed later with Fukushima and yesterday Jesse Waugh.

    03/11 2003 – Mother Of All Bombs – MOAB
    09/11 2007 – Father Of All Bombs – FOAB

    Apart from MOAB and Fukushima, 11 years apart, 03/11 was a popular date for Nuclear scare psyops:

    – 1958 – Mars Bluff incident – we talked about in the show
    – 1983 – Kirana-I – first nuke test by Pakistan
    – 1997 – Donen accident – 14 year pre-dating Fukushima, also in Japan. Workers repaired 30 broken windows and 3 (33) doors with duct tape.[!!]

    Links to Cluesforum and mainstream on the Nuke Hoax page at Fakeopedia.

  2. khammad

    The U.S. is not using the logarithmic Richter Scale for earthquakes anymore. Instead what is being used in the media and government to report earthquakes is the confusing Momentus Magnitude Scale, different maths. This change in reporting started about 3 years ago. The result is a higher reported earthquake scale value implying to those unfamiliar with the new scale that the earthquake was worse than in actuality.


    If one notices the media is cleverly dropping the word ‘Richter’ but not explaining the meaning of the new higher value.

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  4. xileffilex

    and a trivial one..James .Paul McCartney [Sir] is not yet a Lord so isn’t sitting in Parliament. The nearest I guess is Michael Berkeley, [created a Baron], the son of Sir Lennox Berkeley, both classical composers, although the Baron is additionally a media personality.

  5. gaia

    Was a nice chat, thanks guys. So many psyops on 3/11…

    I have to correct a mistake I made in the chat about the earthquakes. A 9.0 Magnitude earthquake is not “300 times” stronger than a 6.0, but 1000 (10^3) times, it’s a logarithmic scale with frequency-magnitude inversely related. The same relation we see with floodings, volcanic eruptions and meteorite impacts; 10 times stronger is 10 times less frequent.


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