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Fakeopedia top 30 of longest pages 1. (hist) ?List of psyops ?[402,822 bytes] 2. (hist) ?NaZionism ?[112,237 bytes] 3. (hist) ?Narrative management ?[80,001 bytes] 4. (hist) ?Glossary ?[78,822 bytes] 5. (hist) ? Story ?[69,850 bytes] 6. (hist) ?Jet rule ?[53,465 bytes] 7. (hist) ?9/11 ?[50,260 bytes] 8. (hist) ?Jonestown massacre ?[33,349 bytes] 9. (hist) ?History of Technology ?[27,688 bytes] 10. (hist) ?North Hollywood shootout ?[22,887 bytes] 11. (hist) ?Parkland school shooting ?[22,234 bytes] 12. (hist) ?Space fakery ?[20,450 bytes] 13. (hist) ?Conspiracy narrative ?[19,760 bytes] 14. (hist) ?Wannsee Conference ?[17,537 bytes] 15. (hist) ?Nuke Hoax ?[17,132 bytes] 16. (hist) ?Vicsim Report ?[15,495 bytes] 17. (hist) ?TWA Flight 355 ?[15,490 bytes] 18. (hist) ?Las Vegas shooting ?[14,185 bytes] 19. (hist) ?Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ?[12,748 bytes] 20. (hist) ?Zika ?[12,695 bytes] 21. (hist) ?Superga air disaster ?[12,575 bytes] 22. (hist) ?Disappearance of SS Ironic ?[12,117 bytes] 23. (hist) ?Pieceofmindful.com ?[11,844 bytes] 24. (hist) ?Coudenhove-Kalergi plan ?[11,321 bytes] 25. (hist) ?Psyop ?[10,861 bytes] 26. (hist) ?Cleveland Elementary School shooting ?[10,024 bytes] 27. (hist) ?Manchester United Munich plane crash ?[9,814 bytes] 28. (hist) ?LaMia Flight 2933 ?[9,318 bytes] 29. (hist) ?Cluesforum.info ?[9,238 bytes] 30. (hist) ?Beavers on the Moon astronomy hoax ?[8,860 bytes]

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 4:52 PM

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 5:08 PM

the lawyers helped me with this
are life actors lie factors

SilverbeamYesterday at 5:17 PM


napoleon wilsonYesterday at 5:17 PM


SilverbeamYesterday at 5:17 PM

lie factories

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 5:20 PM

theres the dust bowl andaerospace heroes in one(edited)
greenscreen came after green curtain
elon musk

FayeYesterday at 5:26 PM

Thanks @Napoleon !

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 5:26 PM

fayes wonderful spock
“Raised in Federal Lodge No.1, Washington, D.C., in 1921; he later affiliated with Kane Lodge No. 454, New York City. He was also a member of National Sojourners Chapter No.3 at Washington. Byrd dropped flags over both poles during his flights. Sixty of the 82 members of his Antarctic expedition of 1933-1935 were Freemasons. They established First Antarctic Lodge No. 777 of New Zealand in 1935.” This is the full, uncut Admiral Byrd interview that aired on the Longines television program on December 8, 1954 with improved video and audio. revealed? In this interview, Admiral Byrd has many secrets to tell about that could be used to support the Flat Earth, the Hollow Earth or the standard spinning ball earth ideas. One very interesting statement that Byrd makes is: “We’ve found enough coal, within a 180 miles of the South Pole, enough to supply the whole world for quite awhile. There’s evidence of many other minerals, we’re pretty sure there’s oil…there’s evidence of probably uranium there. It’s the most peaceful place in the world, but I don’t think it will be for long.”
byrds dodgy
do you think that terrorism and corporatism are intrinsic to each other ,if yes then would small terrorist being taken over by bigger conglomorates like isis, going according to plan
were trained to see the bigger fish andd not be surprised

FayeYesterday at 6:33 PM

FakeologistYesterday at 6:37 PM

uBlock Origin – An efficient blocker for Chromium and Firefox. Fast and lean.

FakeologistYesterday at 7:17 PM



FakeologistYesterday at 7:26 PM

FakeologistYesterday at 7:53 PM

HTTrack is a free (GPL, libre/free software) and easy-to-use offline browser utility. It allows you to download a World Wide Web site from the Internet to a local directory, building recursively all directories, getting HTML, images, and other fi…

GaiaYesterday at 7:57 PM

GaiaYesterday at 10:39 PM

Thanks for the chat @Fakeologist and @Faye back in offline mode again. Enjoy!
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