Great Google purge continues

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…now to its blogs:

Clearly, using other people’s spaces, as convenient as they area, isn’t a great idea.

How far will the great purge go?

If this isn’t google’s doing, hopefully John or Chris can explain.

h/t Gaia

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5 thoughts on “Great Google purge continues

  1. gaia

    They probably deserved it, Survival of the fittest, hail Darwinism. Fucking 1885 “technology” with their “TalkJew” crap that doesn’t let anyone speak. Then it’s great to sound “reasonable”, no counterarguments, JLB-style.

    Smart move. I hate the Big Brother purge, but in this case I fear it was for the best.

    1. gaia

      In response to my own post; get out of it, wiser, stronger and better. That is what Darwinism is all about. If you stick to second-hand technology, you will always be behind.

      Chris, grab yourself together and improve. John, help him. This TalkJew is stoopid.

  2. ricky

    Paul Sandhu has been shut down for awhile, I’m storing the “Fakeologist” and “Hoax Busters” podcasts on a separate device. That’s the next step in my opinion, I-tunes will likely censor first.


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