7 thoughts on “The UnReality Of Our Reality Pt. 1 w/ John Adams

  1. UNreal


    The post “HBC580 – Chris on a phone” does not figure when scrolling from the index page to page 2 – but if you enter directly [http://fakeologist.com/page/2/] it shows on the top of the page. Probably a glitch from WordPress page-scroll function (tested in Chrome & Firefox on a mac).

  2. UNreal

    Up until the last Hoaxbusters Call i’ve not listened to the show for a while, but found the title of this episode even more interesting today than when this post was released at Fakeologist.

    This recording was apparently released as a video on a now deleted Youtube channel, so i wondered if anyone have saved the video or even better* has an audio version of the show to share?

    *i’m still an audiophile and not overly fond if video

    1. Faye

      I listened to both short videos but did unfortunately not download them. As far as I remember they were about 15 min long each and mainly about the presentation of two or three books.
      There is though a talk between Tim Kelly and John Adams on yootoob which is about the cultural importance of California.

      From the description:

      John Adams returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss his research regarding California. We talk about the Golden State as a trend setter and laboratory for social engineering and culture creation. We also discuss the role Military Industrial Complex has had in transforming the economy and culture of California and the nation. John is an independent researcher and co-host of the Afternoon Commute. He is also a frequent contributor to Hoax Busters Call.

    2. UNreal

      Thanks Faye & xileffilex

      There might be merit to listening through older shows with Adams on California as biker culture might be discussed in some form or fashion – and also to follow the possible damage control as in the latest and probably coming Hoax Buster audio’s.

      The fact the topic of unreality was addressed in this particular show nevertheless stands out as very timely when considering Adams only weeks later was proposing a ‘real’ scenario for us all to deal with. In other words, Adams positions himself as an expert on fake reality before proposing to us the very same scenario – if we conclude Annette Carrion is indeed a contrived event.

      By selective deletion of published material we might not be able to find a lot of clues to possible pre-programming. What we might discover nevertheless are signs of damage control – both indirectly and direct as in the case of John Adams partly successful pressure on Ab.

      Part of the indirect damage control is the focus on trust and character where the appeals in favour of self-cesorship have been many. Some might have honest emotional confusion, while the majority clearly act on command in the interest of protecting the credibility of an important part of culture creation theorists that Adams will tarnish if we dare draw the links that impose themselves from John Adams many interactions and collaborations.

      A case in point is of course Chris Kendall that certainly will use his indirect influence even off-grid and on his iPhone – all while trying to appear “neutral” and separate from John Adams – which is of course incorrect. I might listen back to Chris on a Phone* (call 580 here) to better analyse how there might be clues of damage control regarding the Carrion case and John Adams position.

      *curiously, the post “HBC580 – Chris on a phone” is no longer found on the Fakeologist main page (in my browser) but only visible through the permalink from the RSS feed


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