HBC572-Hoax Busters-Censored and Deleted

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Google pulls the plug on hoaxbusterscall.com and HBC YouTube channel for 0;harrassment”.

The call starts around 41:00.

I’ve setup a link to download all Hoaxbuster’s youtube videos. Upload them to wherever you wish.

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3 thoughts on “HBC572-Hoax Busters-Censored and Deleted

  1. simonshack

    Wow. It’s an ‘epidemic’ !…

    The Nutwork clowns are evidently in “purge mode” – no doubt about it – trying to rewrite history simply by censoring the best / most acute historians of this world. How very childish of them !

    They’re clearly starting to panic – and pissing in their panties. Sad!… I almost feel sorry for them. 😛

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