FAK185-Fakeologist 55

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When? Wed, March 14, 2018 @2016h EDT

Who? Ab, Faye

Listen live at Fakeologist Radio 2

Bonus at end of audio.


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3 thoughts on “FAK185-Fakeologist 55

  1. ricky

    @xileffilex, I appreciate the background public information you provide with your’ insightful commentary and definitely see evidence daily of a large “hoax management” division in media. I think that perspective is spot on, it’s very helpful to some of us newer to these ideas for a broader understanding of just how pervasive, comprehensive and timeless these operations can be.

  2. xileffilex

    In addition to the re-booting of the 3/22 Westminster London attack hoax, [anniversary shortly arriving….] mentioned by Faye @38m et seq, there is also a call to name the gates at the Houses of Parliament the Palmer Gates after “Hero” PC Keith Palmer

    Any opportunity to recapitulate the official narrative of a hoax.. yes, hoax management. The intel buildings must have whole departments with dedicated staff working on management of each and every hoax, creating new stories to feed to the MSM, wheeling out former actors for further media commitments buried in cluauses of their original contracts.

    Returning to the BBC DIY SOS TV programme which adapted PC Kris Aves’s house after he was left with “life changing” injuries in the non-attack –
    Kris, was left wheelchair-bound after suffering from two broken legs, numerous head injuries, a lacerated elbow, a damaged left shoulder, sternum and spinal cord after Khalid Masood mounted the pavement in a 4X4 and drove into him and his colleagues.
    As a result of his injuries, he had been unable to get around his home in Barnet and had been living in Stoke Mandeville Hospital, in Aylesbury.

    Slight duping at 1.00

    Note further duping of wheelchair bound Kris, who is also rubbing his right eye [another hoax code]

    Unless they’re tears of happiness….[repeated at 3.17 in the twitter video]


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