7 thoughts on “Nuke lies on faketube

  1. UNreal

    Video seems to be the new champion of information, and effectively is more popular than written material, imagery and audio alone. As Youtube seems set up to fail, videos that might be references to many will be lost and indirectly over time made irrelevant.

    Hosting videos Faketube* makes the material accessible to those who know what to look for or have the right link or information. What would be a great addition would be central gate* for watching and searching the videos that are actually hosted on Faketube. A video-portal lending from the many useful Youtube features serving a minority that actually encourage and appreciate freedom of opinion and expression.

    *maybe i’m not up to speed on Faketube and missed some important information… from what i understand the videos on “Faketube” are today accessible through direct links served by VideoPress as to be embedded on WP websites – thus not accessible or searcheable in any type of video portal (ie Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo etc)

    *the theme VIDEO CRAFT is an option to create a user generated Video website for WordPress (VideoCraft WP theme). Videocraft might be installed as a sub-blog theme similar to the ‘savechat/moreab/flatearth/egi’ parts of the Fakeologist site

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  3. Faye

    Not only did Jesse Waugh produce that important video but he joined fakeologist.com and fakeologist discord.

    Welcome Jesse !

    I am looking forward to a chance to hear or read about your experiences

  4. Faye

    Following the link to Jesse Waugh, who is the producer of the above video – the first ever video about the Nuke Hoax-, I ended up at a no more existing “Liberty Forum” (on the wayback machine), where the first online discussion about the Nuke Hoax took place in 2004!

      1. gaia

        I’ve listened to 40 minutes in your show and glad my trusted fellow Faye recommended you to me.

        I actually thought Nukelies.org was Rae West only.

        If you are “that Canadian nuclear engineer who worked inside a plant” we “know” each other, Bakerstreet and all.

        Glad you joined. If you like, post the best links you have to:

        It’s just a start for now.



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