FAC442-55 Afterparty

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With Rollo, John le Bon, TomD, Ab

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1 thought on “FAC442-55 Afterparty

  1. xileffilex

    Good Hawking chat. The visits to sex clubs were probably just contractual engagements for ongoing hoax management

    Where’s the evidence he visited sex clubs for pleasure? As if..

    Nurse ” I’m not taking you into Stringfellows,, Stephen”
    Cosmological genius: “Shut up and open the door for me. And while you’re at it, you can shove some more food down my throat ”
    [see below]
    As if.
    back in 2012, as a sprightly 70 year old with ALS…. less than 5 years on from his vomit comet ‘turn’ –
    Today he has 24-hour care from three nurses who work in shifts. They feed him – a surprisingly violent manoeuvre involving pushing the food down his throat because of his impaired swallowing reflex – and bathe him and attend to all his needs.


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