Space science fakery

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Fake items in this story:

  1. No one travels to space, including these two
  2. There is probably only one 0;twin”
  3. There is no evidence that DNA or RNA exists, and no evidence in this story that there was a study or any scientists
  4. Hoax code 93% of his “DNA” didn’t “change”

-guardians of space and psience .

Astronaut Scott Kelly had an identical twin brother when he ventured into space and set the record for most consecutive days spent in orbit, but not anymore.

Source: Astronaut’s DNA no longer matches his identical twin | New York Post

Does this video convince you that these are two different human beans?

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12 thoughts on “Space science fakery

  1. smj

    its the same old narrative. we got some space psience, some genetic code transhumanism psience, and some cosmological origins psience. that bat shit crazy co-discover of dna invented the directed panspermia theory……

    …nasa would provide the narrative with evidence of adenine on flying space rocks to support crick’s silly notion…

    “On August 8, 2011, a report, based on NASA studies with meteorites found on Earth, was published suggesting building blocks of DNAand RNA (adenine, guanine and related organic molecules) may have been formed extraterrestrially in outer space.”…

    …crick shouldn’t get all the credit for the silly story though. we’re told arrhenius was the first person to say flying space rocks were also flying space spherm…

    “He thought life might have been carried from planet to planet by the transport of spores, the theory now known as panspermia.[13] He thought of the idea of a universal language, proposing a modification of the English language. He was a board member for the Swedish Society for Racial Hygiene (founded 1909), which endorsed mendelism at the time, and contributed to the topic of contraceptives around 1910. However, until 1938 information and sale of contraceptives was prohibited in Sweden. Around 1930, conservative members of the society helped to establish eugenic policies in Sweden.”…

    …svante also taught us to say greenhouse gas of course. and xfiles is correct the nucleic acid hustle goes back to 1869. darwin wrote his famous prevervation of the favoured races in the struglle for life book in 1859. makes sense the hereditary mechanism would pop up about 10 years later. that’s how the narrative works.

    perhaps the space actor was exposed to some flying space rock dust.

        1. gaia

          smj has a Fakeopedia account, so feel free to add a page on “Panspermia”, I’d say. That’s how it was intended anyway. Phil is adding his thoughts, JLB and Hoi Polloi have done theirs, as has Mark Tokarski.

          1. smj

            i aint jlb ferfecksake and i aint hoi polloi nor i am i those other dudes i don’t know. i don’t have time to do fakeopedia entries. i’m too busy digging holes in gaia’s gut fer a living.

            1. gaia

              Then feel free to stick (or is schtick the right spelling?) to posting Wikilinks into the Discord channel, that nobody ever will look into, that is a much better use of your free time then.


              1. smj

                i’m not sure what schtick means seeing as i aint a fucking jew; imajust keep postin’ wikis in discord just to fuck with you. anywhoo, it seems stephen hawking was into the flying space rock sperm too…

                “However, there is a possibility, known as panspermia, that life could spread from planet to planet, or from stellar system to stellar system, carried on meteors. We know that Earth has been hit by meteors that came from Mars, and others may have come from further afield. We have no evidence that any meteors carried life, but it remains a possibility. An important feature of life spread by panspermia is that it would have the same basis, which would be DNA for life in the neighborhood of the Earth. On the other hand, an independent occurrence of life would be extremely unlikely to be DNA based. So watch out if you meet an alien. You could be infected with a disease against which you have no resistance.”

                …and i’ve posted about ann wojcicki, sergi brin’s ex-wife and owner of the garage in the founding narrative of the google monster, in discord many times…


                …imagonna kill all your sacred cows and eat them raw.

  2. xileffilex

    So none of this garbage goes anywhere near a science journal or the peer review process [although it must be noted that NASA has bought off plenty of scientists with their research grants anyway so it’s something of a closed circle]
    A year ago, one of the world’s most important science journals stated that “results are in” [from NASA] from the twins study and goes on to write it up, MSM style … Funny old scientific method.…

    I can’t find any mention of the 2018 releases which went straight from NASA to the MSM.

    If you want to unpick DNA/RNA chemistry, you have to go back a LONG way, like 150 years, which is above most of our pay grades.…

  3. UNreal

    The Elite (anagram – Te Lie) is systematically inverting and hiding information as to have the public clueless and misdirected. It is easy to ascribe such behaviour to deviance or other vague notions such as evil or sociopathy and oversee how inversion and lies constitute a very potent tactics to increase power at every level, every step of the way. Less knowledge to the masses means more power to the Elite.

    There is no doubt occult numerology present in the 93 cipher (Thelema) cited above, but in i’m also inclined to believe the Elite script-writers are using percentage here as a per hundred entity which thus reveals the occult presence of the Zayin – the mind weapon.

    The 93% of DNA leaves the occult Zayin (7) hidden in plain sight.

  4. gaia

    The story is of course a complete joke, but that “DNA doesn’t exist” is a wild claim. It may or may not be a “double helix”, but that experiments can be done tracing a person to a place I certainly think is real. To completely throw out “DNA” out of the window is not justified. But in this armchair attic environment I am not surprised to see those unfounded claims popping up.

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