PG9-Exploring vicsims

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The lousy looking props they used for the moon landing hoax were good enough for black and white, low resolution, snowy, rolling scan line tv’s that dominated the American landscape of the day.

They even took the colored Star Trek show off the air during the broadcast year of Apollo.

Any space prop today would be impossible to show with an hd tv in every home and a video editing suite on every computer.

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1 thought on “PG9-Exploring vicsims

  1. gaia

    @ AAMorris, I have listened to parts 1-5 and 9, now listening to 10. 11 to 13 lined up.

    Some comments:
    – you are a smart man, with good ideas
    – the quick breaks are not really helping the flow. If you extend them to every 20 min it would be better I think
    – now listening to you talking about Rita Katz. If you have those pages open and prepared, it gets better. And with the multitude of topics you talk about get the real gist from each of those people/points out
    – later you explained it better but in the beginning you talk about some US American media guy without any introduction/background, like we know these people. I didn’t. If you give a bit of background about those individuals, it would get better
    – I visit your blog once every week-10 days or so and I must say it goes all over the place there, you are much more condensed in your podcasts. But I think you can condense, organize and focus it even more.
    – the crazy audio “like the analog-like crazy sounds” are bit of a nuisance

    I understand it’s a learning curve and you just started, no problems, please keep it up, you share good thoughts

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