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FAK186-Show notes

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For the record, I checked the street where a house was “fully engulfed in fire” and a man died. I could not find the house on the short street that was reported. I asked a smoker on a porch if he knew where the house was, and said it was “down there”. I retraced my steps and still couldn’t find any house that looked like it even had a bbq on fire. How could a house that was fully engulfed be impossible to find in 12 hours? There was no water on the road, no ice on any houses or lawns or driveways (the temperature was -3C overnight and well into the day).

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One of the most important videos of our time by Jesse Waugh.

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A fusion center is an intelligence gathering, analysis and dissemination state or major urban area center, which is owned by state, local, and territorial law enforcement and Department of Homeland Security entities, many of which were jointly cr…
Big lies in all subjects. Science revisionism. How ideas are invented, used and abused. Truth. Understanding then action.

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FAK186-Jesse Waugh of Nuke Lies

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Fakeologist is NOT on YouTube

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As I wrote earlier this month, the Fakeologist YouTube channel has been deleted by Google.

It has been brought to my attention that there are a few imposter channels out there, but rest assured they are not my channels.

I am now hosting my own videos on Faketube, and it is unlikely I will waste my time uploading anything to YouTube.

I still maintain a fakeologist Google identity, so you may see the odd YouTube comment by me. That is the limit of my presence on YouTube.

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PG12- Socially engineering the children

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The Proper Gander At Propaganda Podcast Episode 12 – Marching In Circles of Protest

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PG11-Watergate psyop

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The purpose of Watergate is to position the media as opposed to the government, showing how they can solve crimes and keep government in check. Of course, the opposite is true.

Podcast Episode 11: The System Fears A World Wide Chorus of Reason. Please visit www.aamorris.net for more.

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