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For the record, I checked the street where a house was 0;fully engulfed in fire” and a man died. I could not find the house on the short street that was reported. I asked a smoker on a porch if he knew where the house was, and said it was “down there”. I retraced my steps and still couldn’t find any house that looked like it even had a bbq on fire. How could a house that was fully engulfed be impossible to find in 12 hours? There was no water on the road, no ice on any houses or lawns or driveways (the temperature was -3C overnight and well into the day).

FakeologistToday at 3:33 PM

One of the most important videos of our time by Jesse Waugh.

FakeologistToday at 3:48 PM

A fusion center is an intelligence gathering, analysis and dissemination state or major urban area center, which is owned by state, local, and territorial law enforcement and Department of Homeland Security entities, many of which were jointly cr…
Big lies in all subjects. Science . How ideas are invented, used and abused. Truth. Understanding then action.

FakeologistToday at 4:00 PM

Obfuscation is the obscuring of the intended meaning of communication by making the message difficult to understand, usually with confusing and ambiguous language. The obfuscation might be either unintentional or intentional (although intent usua…

FayeToday at 4:05 PM

NukeLies.org archived website March 2012(edited)
Snapshot of forum, on March 2012, intended as a reference resource. The broad outlines of nuclear skepticism – doubts about bombs and of nuclear power, and the history, and politics, of scares and threats and nuclear pretexts for wars …

FakeologistToday at 4:19 PM

napoleon wilsonToday at 4:20 PM

delcroixToday at 4:22 PM

napoleon wilsonToday at 4:30 PM

to make money as a shaman you get cult members
my mates heading off to peru on friday
ayawasca cult

delcroixToday at 4:31 PM

napoleon wilsonToday at 4:31 PM

he skipped space ships and turned into neo

typoerrorToday at 4:33 PM

yet meat
sweeping up @ the Ashram anyone?
this for shownotes only
go to #livestream_chat

FayeToday at 4:44 PM

Marie Curie = Mercury = God of trickery  Nuclear psience is modern alchemy, which itself is just magick and deception. Therefore EVERYTHING related can be consider fraudulent,from nuclear powe…

FakeologistToday at 4:49 PM

Basic introduction to electrical dumploads and the idea that nuclear power is a hoax.
I assume power plants cannot generate exactly the amount that is consumed at any given time. Generating more or less does not happen quickly. If they do not …

NotSoFreeMasonToday at 5:08 PM

Nuke Hoax Miniatures My impression of Nuke test footage was always that it was nothing more than elaborate propaganda utilizing …

RolloToday at 5:13 PM

FakeologistToday at 5:14 PM

lots of listeners today!



RolloToday at 5:14 PM

cant see us ozzies there Ab?

FakeologistToday at 5:15 PM

as usual

RolloToday at 5:15 PM

ahh yes should be two
me and Frank

FakeologistToday at 5:15 PM

zoom in

RolloToday at 5:15 PM



Great show ab…look forward to listening back to the begginning

napoleon wilsonToday at 5:16 PM


RolloToday at 5:16 PM

only made it half way thru

NotSoFreeMasonToday at 5:18 PM

A Proper Gander At Propaganda
The supposed discovery of radiation might be nothing more than a photochemical  reaction. This is a work in progress examining the history of the discovery of supposed atomic or nuclear energy. Nukes are a long standing Hollywood Special Effects…

napoleon wilsonToday at 5:19 PM

onestone was a geniushhh
light excites its medium
2nd dary emission

NotSoFreeMasonToday at 5:20 PM

That was my find

napoleon wilsonToday at 5:20 PM

wheres my spliff
i do
bad ass
it fragments the the atmosphere leaving residule radiation
dynamite at 40ktonnes
i think it aggitates the sun hence all experiments during the day but im crazy

NotSoFreeMasonToday at 5:27 PM

@anounceofsaltperday here’s the study on TNT being radioactive file.scirp.org/pdf/JEMAA_20140…
Not only do large TnT explosions look just like the nuclear explosions we are shocked and awed by, they also radiate just like them at 11000k. This number indicates , but the point remains: h…


I need to add that to my Nuke hoax post

napoleon wilsonToday at 5:32 PM

@Fakeologist kneel armstrong
gravity is not real
love it

anounceofsaltperdayToday at 5:34 PM

@NotSoFreeMason a hugely important contribution


off to the salt mines for me however
thanks for the show @Fakeologist



RolloToday at 6:05 PM

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  1. anounceofsaltperday

    Following the discussion with Jesse Waugh yesterday, i did a little more reading on fission based nuclear power stations. Anders Bjorkman, an engineer whose work I greatly respect, is firmly of the view that they are really doing what they are said to be doing. I think his work is sound.



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