FAK187-AA Morris

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When? March 19, 2018 @ 1911h EDT

Who? AA Morris of Proper Gander Podcast

Listen live @ bit.ly/fakeradio2 or fakeologist.com/radio2

If you want to participate, login to the audiochat, remain in the green room, and I will bring you in when we take calls.

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15 thoughts on “FAK187-AA Morris

    1. gaia

      JLB is addicted to his enablers. Some of them pay money even. But then, when you try to get an original thought out of Professor Doctor John Le Bon, you don’t get it.

      His “inner circle” gains access to the “greatest vault of knowledge”, but how come he never expresses that vault outside of that?

  1. John le Bon

    An enjoyable listen. Thanks.

    Ab made a valid observation about the effect it may have had on some people getting into media fakery research in 2015, the Year of Flat Earth. Things were different pre-2015, but that all seems so long ago now.

    We have always been at war with heliocentrism.

    1. gaia

      Simon Shack’s business model; “I release some of my ideas, do you want to know more, buy my book”. Fair and intriguing.

      John Le Bon’s business model; “Bon Earth is only available for paying members, I won’t disclose anything to anyone else”.

      Which of the two is the better sales model? The interested people decide.

    2. gaia

      On top of:
      “We have always been at war with heliocentrism.”

      If “war is a Hoax”, as you claim, there was never a war anyway. Busted twice now.

      Reason and logic rule (or rather should rule) [I agree], pity the claimers do not adhere to those basic principles themselves…

      1. John le Bon

        lol. This is up there with your response to Dave J’s analogy of the cake/rock.

        Dave J: ‘If I put icing and a candle on a rock and call it cake, do you understand it is still a rock?’

        Gaia: ‘I’m a geologist’.

        Dave J: ‘Yeah, I’m sure you are’.

        Keep bringing the laughs, Gaia.

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