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RolloToday at 7:41 PM

napoleon wilsonToday at 7:42 PM

FakeologistToday at 8:08 PM

Bobby Darin ”The Proper Gander” From the album Bobby Darin – 0;Born Walden Robert Cassotto” 1968

napoleon wilsonToday at 8:08 PM

hi patricia

FakeologistToday at 8:16 PM

napoleon wilsonToday at 8:16 PM


ZalToday at 8:21 PM

calm down, have some snake oil

napoleon wilsonToday at 8:24 PM

way ahead you good buddy

AbyzToday at 8:25 PM

Save some for me





ZalToday at 8:27 PM

technically its oil, and not a fossil fuel :thinking:

FakeologistToday at 8:27 PM

guys goto #livestream_chat
this is for my shownotes!

AbyzToday at 8:28 PM

Oh damn sorry ab

NotSoFreeMasonToday at 8:37 PM

Altschul: 100 Years of Propaganda And Monetary Dominance 0;The history of the press demonstrates that newspapers and the more modern …

FakeologistToday at 8:46 PM

NotSoFreeMasonToday at 8:46 PM

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