2 thoughts on “Real bridge collapse?

  1. gaia

    – There is a cut after 2 seconds in the footage, because it is from two different cars (the first looks like a truck X, the second a car Y)
    – after the cut, the white-black cover pick-up truck (A) on the complete left is moved back?? closer to the bridge than where it was before the cut (before the cut it already passes the lamp post on the left, after the cut it hasn’t yet)
    – the footage after the cut cannot be filmed from another car in front of truck X, because no car is positioned where it can get A in frame (stop the video exactly before the cut and you see A has already passed all the cars, except the schoolbus, but that one is in front of the second filming car Y) – on YouTube you can slow the footage down to 0.25 x which makes it easier to pick the right moment
    – the silver SUV, the last in line of the cars turning left, has an amazing reaction speed in braking before getting crushed
    – at 25 seconds we have another cut, jumping back to truck X (notice the higher camera position and bar to the right) but there is no car Y, because the same silver car is just in front of the camera as before the cut…

  2. xileffilex

    Well, it collapsed, or rather it was collapsed. I started a thread on these HRDPAR bridge collapse events.
    The usual tell-tale signs here –
    witnesses spouting suspicious/BS stories
    e.g. woman from 0.59 here

    and this clown who keeps using the word bomb

    and another well-rehearsed woman whose story changes slightly,[ as if she thinks her car’s been hit or she’s hit something because she can “hear” it.] Total BS, a liar. Isabella Carrasco – compare


    “multiple cars” = drill speak

    and naturaly, to complement the images of one person being loaded, drill style, onto a gurney, we have the interview from the complicit doctors, Pulse Nightclub / Boston Marathon fashion

    Check out Dr Mark McKenney from Kendall Regional Medical Center, pure drill speak

    “We run mock drills on this….
    We run mass casulaty drill regularly”

    Multi agency response = drill

    Staged event, pure and simple.

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